Jeffco GT Vision

We are focused on Actualizing Learners' Potential for gifted and high-ability learners in Jeffco Public Schools.

We believe all students deserve an education that will provide meaningful growth academically, socially, and emotionally. See our Definition of a GT Student and our Board Policy on Gifted Education. Here is the link to the latest GT Updates for students and families!

ALPs At Drake

Important Dates & Information


  • 6th Grade: Finalize goals on October 19th

  • 7th Grade: Finalize goals on October 21st

  • 8th Grade: Finalize goals on October 22nd

Progress Monitoring #1: December

At the start of the year, we asked you to complete a questionnaire and set two goals for yourself this year. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we are checking in to see how well you feel supported and to learn about any progress you’ve made toward those goals.

Please take a few minutes now to log in to the portal (just use your regular Jeffco Login info) and complete the progress monitoring questionnaire below. It is okay if you have modified one or both of your goals--just let us know what the new one is and how it better serves you! Watch this tutorial on accessing the system and resources.


Mrs. Weiss & Ms. Chubb

Progress Monitoring #2 in Library

  • 6th Grade: Advisement on February 7th

  • 7th Grade: Advisement on February 8th

  • 8th Grade: Advisement on February 11th

Goal Completion Due Dates in Library

  • 6th Grade: Advisement on March 14th

  • 7th Grade: Advisement on March 15th

  • 8th Grade: Advisement on March 18th

Questions? Ask Mrs. Weiss! She is the Building Coordinator. Just email her:

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Wondering about how to be identified as gifted and talented?