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All Drake 2025 travel presentations with itinerary, Trip leaders, and cost are below:

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Group presentation

Spain presentation

Italy & Greece presentation

Scandinavia presentation

Why Travel with Drake Middle School?

Drake Middle has a firm belief that world travel can support our vision for creating lifelong learners. We hope that every student at Drake considers exploring the world with some of our staff members to create an experience unlike any other at Drake. Travel will make your child more worldly, mature, and ready to embrace the many beautiful cultures and stories from around the world. Learning about the world and their destination creates a more confident learner that is ready to embrace the steps ahead whether that is making new friends, preparing for more rigorous classes, or being able to adapt to new situations. We cannot speak to how great travel is, but we just hope you'll take the chance to create a situation unlike anything else here at Drake. 

Who do we travel through? 

Drake Middle has developed a great relationship with EF Tours that has been leading trips for young learners for over 55 years. We've continued to work with EF due to the ability to lead educational, effective, and most of all, safe trips for our students and staff. Consider viewing their webpage to learn more about EF Tours and the amazing experiences they offer. 

EF Tours

Our Travel Process

Each year, we proudly support 3 trips during the summer or spring break (determined by the trip leader). Trip Leaders are staff members that have shown interest in leading a trip with other chaperones from the school. We ask them to mindful about equity in cost, locations we traveled recently to provide variety, and how the trip may connect educationally to Drake. Our Trip Leaders start planning more than a year in advance and dedicate hours upon hours preparing for the trip. If you decide to travel with Drake, here are some steps you can expect:

1) Informational Meeting (At least 1 year before the trip)

2) Check ins with the group traveling through the year

3) Communication from the Trip Leader and EF to keep all parties informed