Devinny Jobs    K-2

Morning Greeter

Greet our amazing Devinny Knights leaders each morning at the school entrances. 

Days: Monday-Friday

Time: 7:25-7:45 am

Plant Caretaker

 Help water plants in the office. 

Days: Tuesday and Friday 

Time: 7:45 am

Art Supply Organizer

Organize the 8 art material caddies at each table and help sharpen all the pencils in the material caddies.

Day: Tuesday

Time: 7:30-7:45 am

Flag Helpers

 Raise and lower the flag in front of the school. 

Flag is located in the office.

Days: Monday-Friday

Times: 7:30 am and 2:25 pm

Book Shelver

Put books back on the shelves in the school library.

Days:  Tuesday and Friday

Time: 7:25-7:45 am