Dutch Creek Elementary School

Important Kindergarten Information

Friday Folders:

All of the handwriting worksheets that they have been working on, came home this week in folders - along with the work they have not completed that needs to be finished and returned. Make sure to look for a hearing or vision screener paper, incase your child needs further testing (if you do not have one, your child passed their hearing and vision tests). There is a small white rectangle paper in there explaining the easy EVERYDAY things you do that you can continue to do, but help the Dutch Creek PTSA while doing them. Please check that out and help our wonderful PTSA out!! There is also an Original Works order form, from Art. Please look this over, you can order gifts and memorable items with your child's artwork on them!

Poetry folder:

Please make sure to practice the popcorn words as/before you read each night. We will be sending home another/the next bag of words next week. Say the word, have them repeat the word, point to each letter in the word as you spell it, have them point to each letter in the word as they are spelling it, say the word again, and have them say the word again. I like to use the word in a sentence, and find the words in books or things we are working on too, so that they see and hear it in context! The more exposure and automaticity they have with these words, the easier school will be for them! This week the letters Yy and Qq came home with them! They MUST complete one whole side of the letter formation pages (please make them write the letter correctly and say the letter name and sound as they write each letter), and the other side that is the exact same is optional and extra practice if they would like to. The other letter sheet that has them find the letter, come up with words and color, needs to be completed on BOTH sides. These should be getting much easier for them and becoming a much quicker process, but still, please don't make them do this in one sitting. Spread this out throughout the weekend and beginning of the week (they will be due on Wednesdays), so that it isn't too much at once, and it doesn't take the joy out of learning.

  • one thing we really want them to know is we write from LEFT to RIGHT and TOP to BOTTOM. Also that we NEVER start our letters on the bottom, so it is important to write them on the lines like we are teaching.

Please have them complete these, and return them (put in the prongs on the inside of their poetry folder) by Wednesday.


We cannot thank our volunteers enough for all of the support and time they are providing! Please do not think that if slots are filled up, that we do not need volunteers still. We ALWAYS want as many hands and as much help as possible in and out of the classrooms! If there are times you would like to come in to help the kiddos with reading and writing, please let Ms. vonDuhn know on Dojo or email her at

We will continue to use the sign up to keep track of who is coming in, but do not hesitate about volunteering even if the slots are full. Just let us know, so we know to expect you too! It is still our goal to have parents commit to one day/time a week that they would be able to come every week so that they get to know the kids and the kids can have some consistency and structure, but still want you to come in if you would like to, even if it is not on a regular basis. Please remember that this sign up is to work with students in BOTH kindergarten classes with their reading and writing skills because this is where they are needing the most support right now. Click the link below to sign up for your time to volunteer! Let us know if you have any questions, concerns or comments! Kindergarten Volunteer Sign Up:

Book Orders: Book orders have been submitted. Remember, you can order books at any time, just make sure to let us know you submitted an order so that we can submit it on our end so that they get delivered! Click the link to visit the website:

Ms. vonDuhn's class code: P7VBY

Mrs. Simmons' class code: YX6WN

Departmentalizing: what a difference this is making for them! As promised, these are VERY fluid groups and we are switching groups up again this week! We are still looking for AS MUCH HELP AS WE CAN GET, for students in BOTH classes during the SKILLS blocks and during our LABS block as well. Please click the sign up below to sign up to come into Ms. vonDuhn's classroom to pull individual kids or groups and work on various skills.

Reading Logs: We expect that you are reading 15-20 minutes EVERY night with your child, along with the poetry folder and popcorn words. Once your child reads, please have them color one pumpkin on the log, and please write the book name and date above each pumpkin. There is a log on the back, but you will not fit every book you read for the month on that, so have your child use that to fill out their 6 favorite books then write about their very favorite on the lines below, and you can fill out the title of the book and the date next to the pumpkin they color each night. These will be due on Wednesday November 30th.

AMP Schedule this week:

Ms. vonDuhn's class: ART

Mrs. Simmons' class: MUSIC

This Week/Coming Up:

Thanksgiving Meal Support Event 3:15-4:15 - 11/17

Report cards go home - 11/18

This coming week, in their folders please keep an eye out for report cards, for their new/next set of popcorn words, and a small packet to work on over Thanksgiving Break!

Middle of the year testing: Testing is coming up! We have created various ways you can work on the skills we will be testing them on at home. Please read the descriptions and click on the links below to see/print these, so that you can help your student work on these at home!

MOY (middle of the year) testing is coming up. We will be testing the kids on letter naming fluency (LNF). This is where they will get a sheet of random upper and lowercase letters OUT OF ORDER and all mixed up, and they have 1 MINUTE to name as many as they can. They only need to say the letter name (not the sound). If you would like to work on this with them, I have sheets you can print (or ask Ms. vonDuhn to send some home with your kiddo). The reason they do this is so that we know that they truly know every upper and lowercase letter in any given order and are not able to memorize these. Make this a game, have a minute timer, see how many they get in a minute every time they do this, record their time, have them try to beat it each time (but make sure to mix up the sheets they are using).

The following link will take you to a document I made with multiple letter naming sheets that you can use for your child to practice:

We will also be testing them on Nonsense Word Fluency (NWF). This is where knowing all of their letter sounds is SO important. They will go through and name all of the letter sounds in each of the nonsense words, and do as many of these as they can in 1 MINUTE. For these ones, they ONLY say the letter sounds NOT THE NAMES. This is a prereading skill. Students need to be able to decode and blend words they do not know, since they will continue to encounter new words for their rest of their reading life. Students also need to decode words that are not in their vocabulary. I have created sheets for this that you can print off and have them practice. Again, make this a game, have a minute timer, see how many they sounds they can get in a minute every time they do this, record their time, have them try to beat it each time (but make sure to mix up the sheets they are using).

The following link will take you to a document I made with multiple letter naming sheets that you can use for your child to practice:

The other skill we will be testing them on is Phoneme Segmentation Fluency. This is hearing all of the sounds in spoken words. Phoneme segmentation is the ability to break words down into individual sounds. For example, a child may break the word “sand” into its component sounds – /sss/, /aaa/, /nnn/, and /d/. Phoneme segmentation is essential in developing reading and spelling skills. In order to write or type words, children must: break the word down into its component sounds, select the letters that represent these sounds. Children who have strong phonemic awareness skills demonstrate better literacy growth. This is something you can do all of the time with them, but here are some ways to make this more like a "game" at home. Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes Tell your child a word with 1-4 phonemes (sounds), like “top”. Have him stand up and touch his head, shoulders, knees, and/or toes as he is saying the sounds in words. For example, the word "cat" would be /c/ (head), /a/ (shoulders), and /t/ (knees). Start with 2-phoneme words, like “at”, and as your child experiences success over time, add 3, 4, and 5-phoneme words. Night Lights Using inexpensive touch-on night lights is a great way to help children learn to say sounds in words. Line up the night lights and say a word. Have your child say the sounds in the word as they touch the lights to turn them on. Repeat this process with the same word, but have your child say the sounds while they turn off the night lights. (It's always a good idea to teach your child to work from left to right! Again, start with 2-phoneme words and build up to larger words as your child experiences success). Bingo Chip Segmenting Using magnetic bingo chips and a cut-apart egg carton, place a chip in each slot. Give your child a word with 2-5 phonemes (start small) and have him pick up a chip while he says each sound. Like in the previous activity, it's best to teach your child to work from left to right.

Classroom Wish List QR Codes:

We want to thank each of you that have donated items to our classrooms. We cannot thank you enough. It means so much to us, and truly makes a difference for these kids in the classrooms. Both classrooms are really wanting to be able to cover the lights in the classrooms to create more calming and comfortable learning environments, if anyone would like to donate these to the classrooms, the kids and teachers both would benefit immensely from that! There are QR codes for each class at the bottom of this page. If you want to donate anything, you scan it, it will take you to our amazon wish list, and you can choose what you would like to donate to our classes, and the best part is that it ships directly to us, so you do not have to deal with transporting anything! Thank you so much for your help and support!

Important Dates:

Thanksgiving Meal Support Event 3:15-4:15 - 11/17

Report cards go home - 11/18

Thanksgiving Break - 11/21 - 11/25

Modified Testing Day - 12/9

Ms. VonDuhn

Mrs. Simmons

These QR codes are the same as the ones on our magnets we sent home with you at the beginning of the year. We will update this whenever we need something particular for projects, crafts, or specific classroom needs! Let us know if you have any questions, and again thank you guys for all that you do!