Dutch Creek Elementary School

  Important Kindergarten Information

Friday Folders:  

Please look for two fliers about the PTSA Valentine's Day Dance this coming Friday and our February reading log!

Poetry folder: 

We are focusing on really learning to spell, recognize and apply all of their popcorn words. Poetry folders are no longer letters; they are now popcorn word sheets.  Each sheet has directions for how to do them - they will be doing various things with tracing the words, finding the words, writing the words, reading the words, and using the words in sentences.   They should be getting 4 sheets a week and they are required to do BOTH SIDES OF ALL SHEETS.  It is SO IMPORTANT that they know these words.  We call them popcorn words because they need to "pop" into their head, and they need to just know them.  This is so crutial moving forward for reading and writing.  If they know these words, it will make everything else so much easier on them.  The books they are reading right now are mainly popcorn words and if they know them, they are able to really focus on decoding/sounding out words and other reading skills, where they don't need to worry about figuring out the popcorn words that they should already know.  

On top of the poetry folders, please make sure to practice the popcorn words as/before you read each night. We will be sending home the third bag of words soon.  If you do not know where your flash cards are, please look at the popcorn word tab for lists of the words. Say the word, have them repeat the word, point to each letter in the word as you spell it, have them point to each letter in the word as they are spelling it, say the word again, and have them say the word again.  I like to use the word in a sentence, and find the words in books or things we are working on too, so that they see and hear it in context!  This ties in perfectly with the sheets they are working on, because they will be writing and reading the words as well.  Practice and repetition is key!!  The more exposure and automaticity they have with these words, the easier school will be for them!  

Reading Logs: We expect that you are reading 15-20 minutes EVERY night with your child, along with the poetry folder and popcorn words. Please have you child complete the February reading log.  Once your child reads, please have them color one of the hearts on the log, and please write the book name and date above each heart.  There is a log on the back, but you will not fit every book you read for the month on that, so have your child use that to fill out their 6 favorite books then write about their very favorite on the lines below,  THEY ARE AT A POINT WHERE THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO WRITE THESE THEMSELVES ON THE BACK (because there is enough space).


We cannot thank our volunteers enough for all of the support and time they are providing!  Please do not think that if slots are filled up, that we do not need volunteers still.  We ALWAYS want as many hands and as much help as possible in and out of the classrooms!  If there are times you would like to come in to help the kiddos with reading and writing, please let Ms. vonDuhn know on Dojo or email her at 

It is still our goal to have parents commit to one day/time a week that they would be able to come every week so that they get to know the kids and the kids can have some consistency and structure, but still want you to come in if you would like to, even if it is not on a regular basis.  Please remember that this sign up is to work with students in BOTH kindergarten classes with their reading and writing skills because this is where they are needing the most support right now. WE HAVE UPDATED THE SIGN UP THROUGH THE REST OF THE SCHOOL YEAR!  Click the link below to sign up for your time to volunteer!  Let us know if you have any questions, concerns or comments!   Kindergarten Volunteer Sign Up:

Book Orders: Book orders have been submitted and will be sent home when they come in! Remember, you can order books at any time, just make sure to let us know you submitted an order so that we can submit it on our end so that they get delivered! Click the link to visit the website:

Ms. vonDuhn's class code: P7VBY

Mrs. Simmons' class code: YX6WN 

AMP Schedule this week:

Ms. vonDuhn's class: ART

Mrs. Simmons' class: MUSIC

This Week/Coming Up: 

Friday, February 10th: 100th day of school celebration (see below for more information)

Friday, February 10th: Party Hearty Glow Party 

Party Hearty Glow Party:

Following is a message from our PTSA:  "We are all looking forward to the Party Hearty Glow Party on Friday, February 10. This will replace a daddy/daughter or mother/son dance. This is a fun inclusive family event! Please purchase your tickets online.  Flyers with information about how to buy tickets were sent home in Friday Folders and are also available in the front office.  Tickets are $5/person and children should be accompanied by an adult. Remember, this is a family event. Tickets include a slice of pizza and a glow item. If you have questions, please email" 

100th Day of School:

We are SO proud of the kids and all of the learning they have done, and the growth that they have made so far this year! It is crazy to think about, but we are already coming up on our 100th day of school!!  This is such a great time for us to celebrate how much we have learned and to spend a day really focusing on counting to 100!  On February 10th - we will spend the day doing various 100th day activities.  

Valentine's Day Celebrations:

We will be celebrating Valentine's Day with our home room classrooms.  SO STUDENTS ONLY NEED TO BRING VALENTINE'S FOR THEIR CLASS - not both classes. We will pass out Valentine's and do some fun little activities/centers.  If you would like to come in and help facilitate centers and activities, please let us know!

Ms. vonDuhn has 24 students in her class

Mrs. Simmons has 22 students in her class

To make passing out Valentine's a little easier, we ask that students only sign their cards from themselves AND DO NOT ADDRESS THEM TO SPECIFIC KIDS.

Upcoming Conferences:

We will be having conferences on February 15th and 16th.  These are for students on READ plans (you will be informed in your student is one of them) or for families we would like to conference with.  We will be contacting those families individually to set up a time on those nights.  If you would like to have a conference and we have not contacted you, please reach out to us so that we can schedule one for you!

Kindergarten Field Trips:

We have two fun field trips coming up in the spring. We will be visiting Chatfield Farms during our tree unit for students to explore nature up close and personal! We will also be visiting the children's museum and working as a CREW through their fun interactive exhibits. Please keep a look out in Friday folders for more information about these upcoming trips. 

Very Important Monster (VIM)

We are working on rewarding the good behaviors in kindergarten, so every time any of the students show determination, respect, and/or kindness they will get a point.  Their goal is to be the kindergarten student with the most points in a week.  There is no limit on how many points they can earn or how many times they can be the VIM.  We just want all of them to see that good behaviors have good consequences, and we are making a VERY BIG deal out of this!  Our hope is that kids see how special it is to be the VIM and work hard to become one each week so that we have classrooms with  diverse communities of lifelong learners where our children feel safe, supported, and loved, their success is self-driven, and aspirations and expectations are sky high. 

Classroom Wish List QR Codes:

We have updated some items that we want/need in our classrooms.  Please check out our wish lists!! There are QR codes for each class at the bottom of this page. If you want to donate anything, you scan it, it will take you to our amazon wish list, and you can choose what you would like to donate to our classes, and the best part is that it ships directly to us, so you do not have to deal with transporting anything! Thank you so much for your help and support!

Important Dates:

2/15: Parent-Teacher Conferences

2/16: Parent-Teacher Conferences

2/17: NO SCHOOL for students 

2/20: NO SCHOOL - President's Day

3/3: Parent and Family Q & A for prospective parents at 1:30pm

3/9: Class picture day

3/17: No school for students-PD Day

3/20-3/24: NO SCHOOL - Spring Break

Ms. VonDuhn

Mrs. Simmons

These QR codes are the same as the ones on our magnets we sent home with you at the beginning of the year.  We will update this whenever we need something particular for projects, crafts, or specific classroom needs!  Let us know if you have any questions, and again thank you guys for all that you do!