Dutch Creek Elementary School

Important Kindergarten Information

Friday Folders: This weekend, there is a pink paper explaining the departmentalizing that we are going to start doing in kinder. We have also posted the information below about it too. They also brought home a blue paper explaining what we are doing/learning in our Second Step program, so please read over this. Any of their work that they have done or that needs to be completed and returned (if they had some they needed to finish) will be in their folders as well.

Poetry folder: Your child will get these on Friday, please don't make them do this in one sitting. Spread this our throughout the weekend and beginning of the week (they will be due on Wednesdays), so that it isn't too much at once, and it doesn't take the joy out of learning. In this folder there will be handwriting worksheets for each letter as we learn them in the left “do and return” pocket. As they write their letters, please have them say the letter name and sound as they write each letter too! There is a handwriting sheet for both the letters Cc and Nn, along with a worksheet for each letter to reinforce their learning with those letters. With the handwriting sheets (that are the same on the front and back) have your child do one side of each (this is their MUST DO) and they can do the other if they would like (this is a CAN DO) when they are practicing their handwriting, PLEASE help your child learn the lines (recognizing and making the connection to the mouse, the head line, belly line feet line and tail line). We have printed on the handwriting sheets the verbiage we use when writing each letter and using those lines, so that while working on these letters together you can make sure they are writing the letters the same way (with the same verbiage we use in class) and using the correct pencil grip. These are also posted on out class website under how to write our letters tab as well.

The other letter worksheets need to be completed FRONT and BACK and returned by Wednesday of the next week.

  • one thing we really want them to know is we write from LEFT to RIGHT and TOP to BOTTOM. Also that we NEVER start our letters on the bottom, so it is important to write them on the lines like we are teaching.

Please have them complete the letter practice (one side completed for each letter) and the additional letter worksheets (both sides completed), put them in the prongs, and return it by Wednesday.

Reading Logs: We expect that you are reading 15-20 minutes EVERY night with your child, along with the poetry folder. Once your child reads, please have them color one apple on the log, and please write the book name and date above each apple. There is a log on the back, but you will not fit every book you read for the month on that, so have your child use that to fill out their 6 favorite books then write about their very favorite on the lines below, and you can fill out the title of the book and the date next to the apple they color each night. These can be returned in their Friday Folder (do and return side) NEXT FRIDAY, and they will be getting their October reading log as well. If is is completed and filled out with name of book and the date above each apple, your kiddo can choose if they want something out of the treasure box or a "book worm" which is a gummy worm.

Book Orders: We have sent home the most recent book orders with the kids. Thank you so much for getting your children excited about reading, letting them choose ones they are interested in, and helping their love for reading grow! You are more than welcome to order online at any time, just let us know so we can process the order. Click the link to visit the website:

Ms. vonDuhn's class code: P7VBY

Mrs. Simmons' class code: YX6WN

Departmentalizing: We wanted to share some exciting changes coming to kindergarten! Your children are always at the front of our minds and we want to do what is best and what will benefit them the most. With that being said, we are going to start departmentalizing in kindergarten. This means, your child will still go to their homeroom classroom (their teacher they have had all year) in the morning for CREW circles/Second Step and Module in the mornings. From there, kids will split into two groups for math and reading instruction. Ms. vonDuhn will be teaching Skills, which is reading and writing and Mrs. Simmons will be teaching math. Your child will either be in a morning or an afternoon group for these subjects. These are going to be very fluid groups that change whenever the kids need change, so that their needs are being met and so we are able to slow down if they need it and/or challenge them more. After they have received this instruction, they will go back to their homeroom class for LABS at the end of the day.

Class wish lists: we have created classroom wish lists. There a things that we would love to have in our classrooms that would help make the learning environments a better place, and give these guys things they may want to play with in their classes! There are QR codes for each class at the bottom of this page. If you want to donate anything, you scan it, it will take you to our amazon wish list, and you can choose what you would like to donate to our classes, and the best part is that it ships directly to us, so you do not have to deal with transporting anything! Thank you so much for your help and support!

Things you can do at home to help your kindergartener: READ READ READ!! You and your student need to be reading 15-20 minutes every night. The old sentiment of practice makes perfect really is true when it comes to reading. The more you and your student read the easier it becomes for everyone. Point to the words as you are reading, find words or letters they recognize and talk about them, ask them about the story as you're reading and when you are finished so that they are comprehending what is being read to them! Also, 5 and 6 year olds are still developing their fine motor skills, which means the ability to complete tasks with their hands. In order to build their fine motor skills encourage your students to color, write, and draw (holding their instrument the correct way). Also let them practice cutting with scissors, gluing, and crafting with different objects from around the house. Playing with playdoh, making crafts with putting beads on strings, and picking up small objects with tweezers are also ways to build the muscles in their hands.

Important help at home: Our kindergarteners need a little extra help this time of year with writing letters and numbers. Please help them and be consistent with what we are doing in class - writing the letters the way they are taught. They also need help with recognizing letters and numbers with the proper sound and quantities. Please practice these skills with your kindergartener every day, point the letters and numbers we are learning out to them, talk about them, ask them questions about sounds a letter makes or quantity a number represents. BE ENGAGED AND EXCITED ABOUT THEIR LEARNING SO THAT THEY ARE TOO!

AMP Schedule this week:

Ms. vonDuhn's class: PE

Mrs. Simmons' class: ART

This Week/Coming Up:

Student Count Day 10-3

Please make sure your child is at school this day!

A Note From Our Librarian - Mrs. Workman:

Hello Kindergarten families!

Students have been learning all about how the school library works for the past three weeks. Some things we have discussed include: choosing "just right" books; taking care of books (holding them with two hands, turning pages slowly, not eating or drinking while reading); and library expectations.

Your Kindergartener is invited into the library on Thursday afternoons for a read aloud, activity, and book checkout. To checkout a book, students line up at the computer to get their book "beeped". So long as they have brought their previous book back, they can choose a new book each week! (I know this is not always easy for our littlest learners to remember, so I try to remind them to check with me during library time.) Then, they can bring their book home to share with you 🙂

I absolutely love seeing your students get excited about books and look forward to watching that excitement grow.

Please feel free reach out with any questions or concerns.

Classroom Wish List QR Codes:

It was brought to our attention that our QR codes were not working. We have fixed that, and we truly appreciate your willingness and support with helping our classrooms. These are things each classroom is needing to better the learning environment of the students. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to scan the codes and check out our wish lists!

Important Dates:

SAC Meeting 5:00-6:00 - 10/12

PTSA Meeting 6:00-7:00 - 10/12

Parent/Teacher Conferences - 10/18

Parent/Teacher Conferences - 10/19

No School For Students: PD Day - 10/20

No School for Students/Staff: Fall Break - 10/21

Halloween Parades/Parties 8:15-9:30 - 10/31

Ms. VonDuhn

Mrs. Simmons

These QR codes are the same as the ones on our magnets we sent home with you at the beginning of the year. We will update this whenever we need something particular for projects, crafts, or specific classroom needs! Let us know if you have any questions, and again thank you guys for all that you do!