Courses offered for the 2021-22 School Year


Course Descriptions and Prerequisites for 2021-22

Clarification for the Senior English College Options:


Students who have signed up for a Concurrent Enrollment course for the 2021-22 school year will be added to a Google Classroom to receive instructions and complete the steps for registering for the college credit through Red Rocks Community College.

1. Apply to RRCC Keep track of your student ID # (SNumber) when you receive it, you will need it later.

2. Meet prerequisites (SAT, PSAT, HS Grades, Accuplacer) -see chart and more details on the Enrollment Checklist below

3. Sign (student and parent) and turn in Concurrent Enrollment form to Google Classroom.

Students do not need to enroll in the course on the RRCC side, once you complete these three steps, you are done!

The final step of enrolling in the Red Rocks course will be completed by the RRCC High School Relations office.

Students who enroll in a concurrent enrollment course will be added to a Google Classroom to complete the paperwork and registration steps to earn college credit.

Red Rocks Community College Concurrent Enrollment Video

Concurrent Enrollment Agreement Forms - Click Link to submit your form (you need your S-Number to complete this final step)

Lit 115 (Ms. Mortell)

Eng 121 (Ms. Burns)

Math 121 (Ms. Servatius)

Art 139 (Ms. Valter)