Chatfield Second Chance 

Credit Recovery

Second Chance

Second Chance is a credit recovery program that provides students who fail a class the opportunity to meet the standards required for a passing grade (D) in a more timely manner. 

In order to be eligible for Second Chance, a student must have 

Second Chance: credit recovery

Classes will be held the last week of May. Students have the opportunity to recover credit from ONE of their Spring 2024 core classes. Students can also expect 1-2 hours of homework based on teacher discretion. Attendance is mandatory. If this schedule does not work for you, please see your counselor about other credit recovery opportunities. 

Second Chance Schedule:

Wednesday, May 29: 8:30-11am

Thursday, May 30: 8:30-11am

Friday, May 31: 8:30-11am

Attendance is mandatory. If this schedule does not work for you, please reach out to your counselor about other credit recovery opportunities. 

Registration Form is due by Tuesday, May 28 at 4pm. 

Students: Please check your Jeffco Gmail account for your registration confirmation. Confirmation emails will be sent by Tuesday, May 28 at 8pm. It takes us awhile to process registration forms and fees. We appreciate your patience and understanding. 

The $75 course fee will be added to your student's fee schedule. Please pay through Jeffco Connect by May 31. If you have questions about payment, please call the financial office at 303-982-3549. If you do not pay for Second Chance, your student will not receive a grade change. 

Students will need to check their school Gmail account for information and updates regarding Second Chance. 

Students need to bring a chromebook! It is also helpful if students bring their class notes and materials for the class they are recovering. 

Courses typically offered:

English:              Math:                               Science:                               Social Studies: World Language:           

9th Grade           Algebra 1                         Natural Science               Geography      Spanish 1               

10th Grade         Algebra 2                        Physical Science              Government             Spanish 2     

11th Grade          Algebra 3                        Biology                                U.S. History            Spanish 3        

12th Grade         Geometry                        Marine Biology               World History 

                               Trigonometry               Chemistry                          Economics    

                               Integrated 1                   Conceptual Chemistry

                               Intermediate Algebra  

                               Discrete Math  

                                Math Analysis       

Second Chance Credit Recovery Teachers May 2024 session

English- Labitha Lopez (

Math- Matt Moore (

Science- Justin Koontz (

Social Studies-Lindsay Bazz ( Second Chance coordinator

Spanish-Rhonda Gunkel (