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Pride Library!

Ms. Toni Weller, Digital Teacher Librarian


Ms. Cheryl Schneider-Dickinson, Library Assistant


Library phone: 303-982-4702

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Q1. What are the Library Hours?

A1. Mon - Fri 7am - 3pm except the first Wednesday of the month, we are closed right at 2:30 for a staff meeting. Other last minute meetings might come up.

Q2. What about food & drink in the library?

A2. Students are not allowed to bring food into the library. Teachers may from time to time allow food for certain events. Water bottles with secure lids may be in the library but no drinks with straws or cans are allowed.

Q3. For how long can I check out books?

A3. eBooks and Audiobooks check out for three weeks and will automatically return. All print books may be checked out for two weeks and can be renewed as long as no one has it on hold. Please be sure to return items as soon as you are done with them. Lost items will be assessed full replacement value and damage may be charged up to the full replacement value. If you keep a book for the whole year, a replacement charge may be assessed as well because the book has been marked lost and a replacement has been purchased.

Q4. How can I find out about my school library account?

A4. You can log into the Follett Destiny Discover; your user name school login to access your account.

Q5. Can I print in the library?

A5. Printing in the library is done through PaperCut from your school chromebook or a desktop. Look for help on the Tech Help page of this website for more information. You can also watch the 1 minute video on your Class of 20XX Google Classroom to see how it works. All students are given $7.00 to start the year, once you have gone through that, you will have to bring in money to be added to your printer account.

Q6. Can I check out equipment?

A6. Chromebooks can be checked out three times per year if you have forgotten yours but these MUST be returned the same day by the end of that school day. We also have a very limited amount of chromebook chargers, iPhone & Android chargers for a one-day checkout.

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