Welcome to 6th Grade!

Reminders and important information for 6th Grade

Please check below for general reminders that apply to ALL 6th graders. Please check individual TEAM websites for specific class information and homework calendar from the teachers on each team.

Important Outdoor Lab info & reminders:

  • Click here for Outdoor Lab SLIDE Presentation from parent meeting 12/6/18
  • Use the packing list from the initial informational packet to help you determine what items your student will need.
  • Try to avoid spending more money than necessary! Borrow things like hiking boots, winter clothes and gear, etc., if you can. Places like the ARC, Goodwill and the Army/Navy Surplus should have any needed items at reasonable price. Outdoor Lab does have items students can check out for the week as well.
  • Please have your student pack their own duffle bag so they know what items they have and where to find them!
    • Students will also need to bring a backpack!
  • Storing pillow and sleeping bag in a large black trash bag is a good way to keep them clean and together.
  • Please do not pack using luggage with wheels. Also not allowed at Outdoor Lab is outside food including candy and gum, and NO electronics! However, cameras with batteries or film are acceptable (there is no place to charge electronics in the bunkhouses).
  • Don’t forget to pack a book, journal, or board/card games for downtime in the bunkhouses.
  • Please clearly and visibly label all luggage with student’s first and last name & Outdoor Lab location! Duct tape and Sharpie work very well.

Important Info:

Bobcat Time: 35 minutes each day. Mon/Wed is SEL= Social Emotional Lesson. Tues./Thurs. Is Academic Focus and Study Hall time. Fridays are checking grades/reflections and study hall.

Office Hours: NEW!! Second Wednesday of some months- check Bell school calendar. First one is Oct. 10th from 3-6. There will be a Sign-Up Genius. Time to meet with teachers if you would like to. Not mandatory, although some teachers may request a meeting. This is in place of our Student-Led Conferences!

D & F Autocaller: Teachers will post their grades to Weekly Eligibility on Thursdays. If your child has a D or F, the district autocaller will call to report this to you.


  • Thursday, December 6th: Outdoor Lab Parent meeting in the Bell auditorium from 6:00- 7:00 PM



December 3-7 is "Chile Pepper Week" in all sixth grade social studies classes. As students learn about The Columbian Exchange and it's impact on world history, students will have an opportunity to sample one of the many native fruits of the Western Hemisphere that greatly intrigued the Spanish upon their arrival in the New World - chiles. While we understand a handful of students are already familiar with the power and spiciness of chile peppers, tasting the variety of chiles will be an optional and a fun way to engage in the classroom learning for those who wish to "feel the heat." Proper chile pepper handling and hand washing will also be taught along the way so that heat doesn't burn the eyes and nose later on. The chile line-up for the week:

  • MONDAY - Bell Peppers
  • TUESDAY - Poblano Peppers & Cherry Peppers
  • WEDNESDAY - Tabasco & Coke (a Louisiana tradition) / crackers with jalapeño jam / chips & picante salsa
  • THURSDAY - Serrano Peppers & Chipotle Peppers
  • FRIDAY - The Habanero Challenge

Note: Students should bring in their own Coca-Cola on Wednesday if they wish to try a Tabasco & Coke. Students may also bring in milk for The Habenero Challenge.