Welcome to 5th Grade Band and Orchestra

at Arvada K8, Fitzmorris, Foster K8, Hackberry Hill, Lawrence, Peck, Secrest, Swanson, and Thomson

Late Joiners: Look at this Info! Yes, your student can still join!

Fill out this form to register: Registration / Registro

If your student needs a school instrument, please fill out this form: Rental Contract / Contracto


Lessons will be posted on Google Classroom (Slide deck including a pre-recorded instructional video) every Monday and Wednesday. Each lesson will have an assignment due with it.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Google Classroom Codes for Band

Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, Percussion

Arvada K-8 - tscublu

Fitzmorris - fylahn4

Foster - t3e26l2

Hackberry Hill - ybliqjg

Lawrence - 36jc7ug

Peck - vcwis5d

Secrest - ujftipw

Swanson - 2qpbkd3

Thomson - rcakrzg

Google Classroom Codes for Orchestra

Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass

Arvada K-8 - nnvgxpq

Fitzmorris - 6anqnpa

Foster - uvqvmxg

Hackberry Hill - shmnfhb

Lawrence - cfsfqe3

Peck - rqogipe

Secrest - m5izkak

Swanson - sazqhwh

Thomson - lt3pkck

Past Announcements

Parent/Guardian Information:

Slides Only:

It includes all of the information you need - Signups, Registration, How to obtain an instrument, Drive-by Instrument Rental Nights, Class Information, Safety Protocols, and more. *

Please obtain an instrument and all supplies by October 5th, 2020, our first week of band and orchestra.

*Links are also located in the description of the YouTube video, "Band and Orchestra Parent Information Video"


Drive-By Instrument Rental Nights*

Required sign-up for an arrival time linked in the presentation!

September 29th at Swanson Elementary

September 30th at Foster PK-8

*This will be the only option and time to rent a school instrument. You must review the presentation and fill out the school instrument contract by September 28th, 2020 in order to receive a school instrument at a Drive-By Instrument Rental Night.

Music Store Rental Information

Rocky Mountain Music Repair- Rent in store or at Drive By Rental Nights*

Golden Music- Rent in store or at Drive By Rental Nights*

Music and Arts- Rent in store

Sol Vista Strings - Rent in store or at Drive By Rental Nights*

*Please fill out rental forms before arriving to instrument rental night


Please join our 5th Grade Instrumental Music Google Classroom - rawqma2!

There will be 2 lessons per week

Instrumental Music Unit 1- Instrument ID and Selection

September 8-11-- 2 lessons (watch videos about strings and percussion)

September 14-18-- 2 lessons (videos about woodwinds and brass)

September 21- 25-- 2 lessons (exploring ensembles with graphic organizer)

September 28 - October 2-- Students reflect and select instrument, Students sign up for Band or Orchestra google classrooms, Instrument Rental / Buy Supplies