Welcome to 5th Grade Band and Orchestra

at Arvada K8, Fitzmorris, Foster K8, Hackberry Hill, Lawrence, Peck, Secrest, Swanson, and Thomson

Parent/Guardian Information:

Slides Only:

It includes all of the information you need - Signups, Registration, How to obtain an instrument, Drive-by Instrument Rental Nights, Class Information, Safety Protocols, and more. *

Please obtain an instrument and all supplies by October 5th, 2020, our first week of band and orchestra.

*Links are also located in the description of the YouTube video, "Band and Orchestra Parent Information Video"

Drive-By Instrument Rental Nights*

Required sign-up for an arrival time linked in the presentation!

September 29th at Swanson Elementary

September 30th at Foster PK-8

*This will be the only option and time to rent a school instrument. You must review the presentation and fill out the school instrument contract by September 28th, 2020 in order to receive a school instrument at a Drive-By Instrument Rental Night.

Music Store Rental Information

Rocky Mountain Music Repair- Rent in store or at Drive By Rental Nights*

Golden Music- Rent in store or at Drive By Rental Nights*

Music and Arts- Rent in store

Sol Vista Strings - Rent in store or at Drive By Rental Nights*

*Please fill out rental forms before arriving to instrument rental night

Google Classroom Codes for Band

Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, Percussion

Arvada K-8 - tscublu

Fitzmorris - fylahn4

Foster - t3e26l2

Hackberry Hill - ybliqjg

Lawrence - 36jc7ug

Peck - vcwis5d

Secrest - ujftipw

Swanson - 2qpbkd3

Thomson - rcakrzg

Google Classroom Codes for Orchestra

Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass

Arvada K-8 - nnvgxpq

Fitzmorris - 6anqnpa

Foster - uvqvmxg

Hackberry Hill - shmnfhb

Lawrence - cfsfqe3

Peck - rqogipe

Secrest - m5izkak

Swanson - sazqhwh

Thomson - lt3pkck

Past Announcements

Please join our 5th Grade Instrumental Music Google Classroom - rawqma2!

There will be 2 lessons per week

Instrumental Music Unit 1- Instrument ID and Selection

September 8-11-- 2 lessons (watch videos about strings and percussion)

September 14-18-- 2 lessons (videos about woodwinds and brass)

September 21- 25-- 2 lessons (exploring ensembles with graphic organizer)

September 28 - October 2-- Students reflect and select instrument, Students sign up for Band or Orchestra google classrooms, Instrument Rental / Buy Supplies