Welcome to 5th Grade Band and Orchestra

at Arvada K8, Fitzmorris, Foster K8, Hackberry Hill, Lawrence, Peck, Secrest, Swanson, and Thomson

Please return your school instrument no later than Friday, May 14th.

Students may turn their instrument in to their teacher at the end of their last class (May 10th - May 14th) or return to the school office by Friday, May 14th.

Q &A -

Do I have a school instrument?

If the instrument has a school and serial number marked on the outside of the instrument case, then, yes, it is a school instrument. If your school account has been charged ($125.00 for the year), yes, you have a school instrument. If you picked up a school instrument directly from Mrs. Coy or Ms. Austin during the instrument rental drive - through, then, yes, you have a school instrument.

If you are paying a music store monthly, then, no, it is a store rental. You keep the instrument. All money you have paid goes toward owning the instrument.

If I am fully remote, where and when do I return my school instrument?

Please return your instrument to your school's office no later than Friday, May 14th. It would be helpful to email your teacher saying that it is ready for Ms. Austin or Mrs. Coy to pick up.