Bulldog Time: Arvada Aspires

What is Bulldog Time: Arvada Aspires?

Arvada Aspires is a four-year journey that every student at Arvada High School completes. Throughout student’s four years, they will experience: service and work-based learning, complete a capstone project, and curate a Digital Graduate Portfolio. Along this journey, students will also engage in social & emotional learning and team building activities. At the end of their senior year, students will present a portfolio that demonstrates work from their Arvada Aspires journey and highlights academic artifacts from their other high school classes.

Students will learn, work on, and curate these projects during the class called Bulldog Time. Students will have the same Advisor every year throughout the course of their high school career. This is meant to build a sense of community during their four years at Arvada High and will help them to grow throughout their time here.

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