Bulldog Time

What is Bulldog Time?

Bulldog Time (BDT) is an important block of time every student has the opportunity to participate in and is an essential part of the Arvada High School curriculum. Students are assigned to the same Bulldog Time Advisor (teacher) that is composed of the same cohort of peers throughout their four years. The primary purpose of BDT is to provide the time and space for students to develop and nurture positive relationships with a smaller group of peers and an adult advisor (trusted adult) while honing essential skills necessary for life after high school. Throughout this journey, students will engage in social & emotional learning (SEL) and team building activities to accomplish this goal.

An additional purpose for BDT is to provide students the opportunity to participate in work-based learning (WBL) and college prep activities. These opportunities encompass but are not limited to ​​career exploration, professional guest speakers/panel sessions, and completing Individual Career and Academic Planning (ICAP) in conjunction with our counseling department. Lastly, some grade levels will utilize time during BDT to complete Capstone and other graduation requirement work. To help facilitate this time, Advisors and students will be provided a menu of weekly activities that includes links to slides, videos, documents and other required materials.

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