Tech For Ed: 5th Grade 1:1 Chromebooks

As part of Jeffco's Tech for Ed program, your 5th grade student will receive a new 300e Lenovo Chromebook to use for the next four years. In class, we will spend a great deal of time discussing appropriate care and use of this device, including the Digital Citizenship lessons listed at the top of this web page.

Students are expected to return the device FULLY CHARGED each day to be ready for learning. Please help your student find a place at home to safely charge the Chromebook each evening. If a charger is lost or damaged, please reach out to Margarita Russell, our financial secretary. She will order the proper charger and place the fee on your student's Infinite Campus account. Replacement chargers are around $27.

Any loss or damage should be reported immediately. Our IT department will complete all necessary repairs, and your student will be assigned a different device to use.

If you need help with internet access, please click WiFi Options for Families

Click image to go to Jeffco's Tech for Ed website to answer many of your questions!