You Have a Complaint. Now What?

What to do if you have a complaint against a REALTOR® member?

1.      Real estate transactions can be complex, so the first step might be to open up a line of communication with the REALTOR® and/or their principal broker, setting forth your concerns and see if that resolves the issue.

2.  Some complaints/issues may not expressly allege violations of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and may not concern conduct related to the Code. Some complaints are transactional, technical, and/or procedural.  These types of issues may be appropriate for the Ombudsman program.

3.      To use the ombudsman program, simply fill out the form here.

4.      If you prefer to use the NC REALTORS® ombudsman program, fill out their form here.


How the JBOR Ombudsman Process Works

NC REALTORS® Ombudsman Process

Find out more information at under The REALTOR® Code tab


If the matter you are complaining about is a matter involving a violation of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, you may file an Ethics Complaint. Complaints alleging a violation of the Code of Ethics may be initiated in one of two ways:

a.      You can send in an informal letter of inquiry or complaint to and the matter will be referred to an ethics mediator;

b.      You may also send in a formal complaint on Form E#1 available by clicking here.  Once the complaint is reviewed by the grievance committee, it will be referred to an ethics mediator, if applicable.

c.       During any mediation session, the mediator will encourage all parties to openly and candidly discuss all issues and concerns. Ethics mediation is a voluntary process for a REALTOR®; either party may withdraw from mediation and have their complaint considered at a formal ethics hearing.

If the ombudsman and/or mediation process does not bring about a resolution, the matter will be processed as an Ethics Complaint.

Complaint Form #E-1 (pdf)
Fill out online Complaint Form #E-1
Code of Ethics
Find out more information at under The REALTOR® Code tab

 A REALTOR® is more than a real estate agent.  REALTORS® have training in ethics for both their dealings with the public and with the real estate community.

The REALTOR® Code of Ethics is the cornerstone of the National Association of REALTORS®.  It guides REALTORS® and also shows the public the level of commitment, education, and dedication to their profession that each member of the National Association of REALTORS® possesses.

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