About Mark

Chapter 1 – The Engineer

Chapter 2 – The Trader

Chapter 3 – _______________

Mark Wysocki was born and raised in Grand Junction, Colorado, USA and spent his high school and college years in Bozeman, Montana where he earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Montana State University in 1991. Mark has two adult children, Tyler and Laura, who attend Colorado State University – Ft Collins and University of Colorado – Boulder respectively.

Chapter 1 – The Engineer – Mark worked in crude oil refineries and chemical plants in Indiana and Illinois until returning to the Rocky Mountains for a job in Frontier Refining’s Cheyenne, Wyoming refinery. As an Engineer, he specialized in equipment reliability, project management and culture integration / cultural change.

Chapter 2 – The Trader – Mark took on a commercial role with Frontier in 2007 as a crude oil trader and in 2011, Mark co-founded a crude oil marketing and trading company in Denver, Colorado. The business was sold to ARB Midstream in 2016 and InCorr Energy continues to be an important trading shop for the 'inland corridor' of the US. In addition to building upon the trade shop to become a fully integrated midstream company, Mark, now as a shareholder, continues to discuss the market, trading, and strategic growth with the management of InCorr Energy / ARB Midstream. During this same time, Mark co-founded, built, and sold a hydraulic fracturing chemical supply and distribution business in the North Dakota Bakken play.

Chapter 3 – Mark is now searching for the title of the next chapter …