Irvine High 

School Site Council

School Site Council consists of administrators, certificated and classified staff, students and four parent members, The purpose of the council is to make improvements in curriculum, instruction, services and in school organization and environment that help meet the needs of ALL students. It is the goal of the School Site Council to oversee the implementation, revision, and assessment of the school's improvement plan (Single Plan for Student Achievement).

Discussions include safety plans, best practices, self study monitoring, and more. 


Dr. Monica Colunga, Principal

Bob King, Assistant Principal


Bobby Gomez (classified)

Michael Civalleri

Ashleigh Frazer

Jennifer Harrington

Keith Szczudlak


Jodie Hoffman

Vinod Kambrath

Gurudath Ramabhatt

Vicky Yu


Harleen Ahluwalia

Jiwon Jeong

David Palacios

Connor Siu

Meetings are open to the public and located in Humanities Rm. 3

Questions: Email