Welcome to UHS Art Studio

ROOM 501

Class Description

This is an introductory art course devoted to the understanding and application of artistic elements and principles of design. Students will use a variety of media as they learn about fundamental technical drawing skills. The work of historical and contemporary artists will be used as a backdrop for developing the student’s own creative work.

Upon completion of the course students will be able to identify and demonstrate:

  • The visual elements (line, shape, color, value, texture and space)

  • The principles of design (unity/variety, balance, emphasis, contrast, rhythm, repetition, proportion/scale, figure/ground relationships)

  • Composition (placement and arrangements of visual elements)

  • Drawing skills using a variety of media

  • Expressive composition, communicating an idea, theme, or emotion

  • The proper use and care of art tools and materials

  • Visual and design elements in contemporary and historical art works through written and oral critique

  • Project planning and time management.

Student Experience

Kay Karsono


The art studio class offered at Uni is one of the more fun and enjoyable courses you can take. The class introduces you to a variety of art styles and techniques that have personally allowed me to get creative with how I express myself and my work. I can safely say they will do the same for you too and really allow you to produce the art you want to make. Whether you like getting your hands dirty with paint and acrylics or simply enjoy sketching with just a pencil or pen, the art studio courses present various projects that utilize different materials and skills that you get to learn and enjoy. Because the course goes over so many different art styles, you are bound to find a project that you find really enjoyable and interesting. The teacher is really helpful and supportive in the learning process and is there to help you produce the artwork that you envision. I can honestly recommend taking an art studio class simply for the teacher because she is one of the nicest and friendliest mentors you will meet on campus. Ms. Ibrahim makes the class feel like a safe zone for you to unwind and have some fun during the school day. It's especially nice to sort of take a break during the art studio class and get away from the typical stress-inducing environments that might come from your other classes. I really do recommend taking the art studio class. The experiences and friendships you make from the class are worthwhile and really go a long way during your time at Uni.