MicoBits: Spark Creativity with Programming

Coding Platforms


This is the official Micro:Bit coding platform from Microsoft. Easy to use and quick to install created programs!


This platform allows you to combine tools like Micro:Bit, Spheros, Sam Labs and Parrot Drones. Easy to use block coding that transfers code to devices through Bluetooth. Great for expending your programing capabilities!


Connect your MicroBit to scratch to increase the possibilities! Learn more about how to connect the device here.

micro:bit Lessons Aligned to Code.org's CS Fundamentals


Expending the Potential of Micro:Bit

Hummingbird Micro:Bit Kit

  • Great all-in-one kit with everything you need to extend the functionality of your Micro:Bit creativity!
  • Bit Controller, Terminal Tool, Battery pack, Green LED, Red LED, Yellow LED, 2 - Tri-color LED, 2 - FS90 Servo, 2 - Servo Extension Cables, Light sensor, Dial Sensor, User Manual, Base Kit Case