EdCamp Lancaster

We will resume in Spring 2023.

8:15 - 12:15 pm

Lancaster-Lebanon IU13

Spring 2023

What is EdCamp??

For more information about EdCamps go to EdCamp.org

Ed Camp Anti-Harrasment Policy!

What to Bring ?

Bring a few ideas that you want to share or that you want to get input on from other teachers (i.e,. lesson ideas, instructional strategies, technology tools).

Bring a mobile device, laptop, iPad, or chromebook to take notes and gather ideas.

​What to Wear ?

It is a casual event! Jeans, sneakers and your favorite teaching or Tech Tee could be a great discussion starter!

Why YOU should Register for EdCamp

The best part of Ed Camp is YOU !

You help set the direction, focus, and topics for the day with your vote on the Scheduling Board.

EdCamp organizers will group topics and give you a room to meet in.

You talk, share and participate!

No Scripted Lectures, No Stale Topics.

So what are you waiting for? Register here!

Breakfast and Prizes will Provided by our Sponsors -

See our Sponsors Page !!!