Dance is a poem where every movement is a word.


For this project, we chose a very particular topic, which is “Dance In The World”. We thought that dancing is a very impressive way to show the variety of cultures around the world. Two of us are dancers, so we thought that it would be great if we’ll have a sort of show of our kinds of dances; in this way, people will be impressed about the majestic dresses and they’ll be able to enjoy the exhibition a bit more. Not everyone appreciates dancing, but everyone loves listening to music, and that’s an advantage, because music is related to dance, and this let the people enjoy dancing a few more. We’d love to show this to everybody because it’s a common passion and we MUST make people fall in love with the beautiful World of Dance. This topic is so important to us because dancing is the language that everyone can speak, and you can express yourself without saying a word, and that’s definitely awesome.


-Sara (workshop)

-Alice (workshop)

-Chiara (business plan and photo)

-Giorgia (Descriptions and photos)

-Dame (Description) (label)

-Giorgia (Website)(Introduction)

-Matilde (Letter)

giorgia lupi - Copy of Trifold brochure template for google slides