Dr. Michael Hiestand

Commercial Director and Sales Manager German Switzerland

mhiestand@issol.ch - +41 79 505 74 19

After he graduated from University of Zürich as DVM in 1994 and he received a doctor’s degree in 1999, Michaels professional orientation went increasingly in direction marketing and operational management. Still working in medical business, he took over the management of several SMEs and became co-owner of SMEs in different regions of Switzerland. His commitment as sales director of ISSOL Suisse takes into account the cultural diversity of Switzerland, which is reflected in the architecture. He understands BIPV (Building-integrated Photovoltaic) as an ideal solution to significantly support the energy turnaround without burdening the locale heritage image, which is highly esteemed in Switzerland. The versatile, energy-positive glass elements (EpoG) from ISSOL are intended to contribute to the enrichment of architecture. It is the goal to be able to offer creative, regionally adapted and widely accepted solutions, taking into account the ideas and needs of architects and designers!

Laurent Quittre

Founder & Director

lquittre@issol.ch - +34 722 880 103

Initiator of change - After graduating in economics from H.E.C. in Liège, Belgium, he started working for EDS (electronic data systems) as a business analyst in banking in 1994. In 2005 Laurent founded Quittre together with Ivan Schiemsky ISSOL. They are convinced they can change photovoltaics with a new business model: photovoltaics should influence architecture! To this end, Laurent unites architects and engineers. In April 2006, production will begin. ISSOL is now realizing remarkable buildings together with famous architects. Today Laurent is the owner and president of the board of directors of ISSOL Sa in Belgium, which produces energy positive glass elements (EpoG) to make buildings energy efficient using visually attractive high-tech solutions. Laurent shows that BIPV is not only technology but also ideology that enables companies to create a new image that promises future and success.

Sébastien Eberhard

Founder & Director

s.eberhard@issol.ch - +41 79 693 12 94

After studying engineering in micro technology and obtaining his diploma in business management, Sébastien left the industry and moved on to consulting and business management. He specializes in financial and pension consulting and works for two large Swiss companies. Since 2001, he has created many companies on his own account or to support other entrepreneurs, particularly in the service, real estate and photo voltaic industries. Founder and Director of E-Gestion SA, Solaxess SA and ISSOL Suisse SA he also sits on the Board of Directors of several companies. Sébastien's commitment to renewable energies and more specifically to the "active" façade motivates him to the highest level.

Olivier Müller

Director & Sales Manager French Switzerland

omuller@issol.ch - +41 76 301 25 94

Business angel supporting the ecological transition, Olivier (graduated in engineering from the ESME Sudria of Paris, in France) started his carrier in 1994 as a pioneer in radiocommunication system such as GSM and had quickly grew to network director position for telecommunication operators such as Orange/Salt or Sunrise in Switzerland and European and global director position for Alcatel/Nokia. By bringing together talent from various domain Olivier is recognized in his team building and result oriented approach. Using his engineering and management skills, Olivier decided in 2008 to invest in high technological start-up from the ecosystem of the best university of Switzerland such as EPFL and EPFZ. Also its focus is on companies that initiate change for the ecological transition. In this context, in 2018 he naturally met ISSOL. Olivier is the CEO of ISSOL Suisse SA, with the aim of proposing in Switzerland and internationally new strong construction material that integrate the best of photovoltaic and glass technologies resulting in colored, or transparent energy positive glass (EpoG). Olivier likes saying to architect that with ISSOL they have the ideal partner to make magnificent and energy efficient buildings.