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Martin Vincent

mvincent @168films.com

Multimedia Producer, Developer, Marketer, and expert in stock securities in private corporations, with a past record of two of the top 20 grossing apps games being his past consulting clients.


John Davi Ware

John @168films.com

Director and Producer in association with 168 projects

Unbridled (2017)                      Final Frequency (2019)

Producer Director

Juan Feldman

juan @168films.com

Director and Producer in association with his Production Company is manoamanofilms.com

After Words 2015                 Costa Rican Summer              Surf School 2006

The number 168 is lucky because of the sentence that it phonetically sounds similar to in Cantonese. It sounds similar to “one path to prosperity”: 1 is “one”, 6 is “path”, and 8 sounds like “prosperity/luck”. Therefore, you tend to see the number 168 at Casinos, on license plates, and other novelty items in China. People want to keep these numbers close to themselves as they believe it will bring them luck and prosperity.

168 in Chinese (一六八 yi liu ba) has a similar pronunciation to 一路发 (yi lu fa), which means being lucky and prosperous all the way to (financial) success.

Yin Lang



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