To bring life long companionship, happiness, and commitment of faithful love to muslims across the world. It is to help individuals, parents, siblings, relatives, and friends to find a perfect match for their loved ones.

To provide a personal service by reviewing profiles and providing best matches so that families can interact with each other to make best decisions for their loved ones. A regular interaction is kept alive with registered users till couples engagement.



Basic: Free. You may upload profile to Facebook Group (, and you will be responsible for following up on any responses to your post. No personal service provided. However, if you send your profile direct to my Whatsapp account (3108695143) also and if we find any match with any paid member, we will refer that match to you.

Personal: US $200.00 (Unlimited match references if available for one year). Profile will be posted to Facebook and WhatsApp channels. We will review your profile with our database and contact you with any matches.

Please sign/date your registration form and Email to or WhatsApp/SMS to 3108695143 and payment through Venmo (@Ismat-Shehzad) or Paypal ( or Zelle (3108695143)

Note: Before contacting us, please ensure that you have submitted profile and picture(s).


In search of a match for a young member of my family, we are taking the help of Ismat Shaadi Services. It has been just about two weeks of knowing the services and it has been a very pleasing experience. Mrs Ismat Shehzad, the director of the services, has been taking personal interest for our needs. In such a short time, we have been given a couple of profiles matching with our needs and we are now in contact with two families. We are quite hopeful that we will soon be able find a good match through Ismat Shaadi Services, inshaAllah.

Dr. Moin Malik (father).