What is the #1 best-loved book in our small but mighty district?

The GREAT IT READ is a district-wide initiative inviting our K-12 students, staff, and our entire community to nominate and vote on the top books that have impacted our lives as readers and as human beings! Inspired by the PBS Series The Great American Read, we will be nominating our top reads in January. Nominate a favorite children's book, a graphic novel, or classic and contemporary literature....the result will be a top 100 reading list for us all to enjoy....but there will only be ONE number ONE!

So, what makes your favorite read YOUR favorite? Start thinking...and get ready to nominate your top picks in January. Thank you to Mrs. Bunster for bringing this exciting initiative to our Island Trees community!

Perhaps you will be inspired by some of our students and staff, so check out our videos below:

Welcome to IT LEARNS, a website devoted to our Island Trees staff as we work collaboratively to improve learning and teaching in the Island Trees School District! Our remarkable staff continues to empower our students each and every day as learners, as human beings, and as positive contributors to society. Our small but mighty district never ceases to amaze, largely due to our shared love for our school community, our shared attention to promoting individual growth, and our shared value of the learning process.

When we consider the collective power of our staff to plan and deliver quality instruction, to care for our students and families, to pull together the depth and breadth of our experience as educators, it is simply awe-inspiring.

IT LEARNS is designed to promote our collaborative efforts to share resources on the topics we, as a learning community, care most deeply about, as indicated by our frequent professional development surveys, our ongoing conversations, and feedback from our Superintendent’s Conference Days.

The resources currently amassed on our IT LEARNS website are merely a start; it is our greatest hope that you will share additional resources via Google Drive at and

We would like to thank Ryan Vinberg and Nicole DeGennaro for their contributions to the website...and to all of our colleagues who will be contributing!

Leave your paw print and send us links to resources!

“Accomplishing the maximum impact on student learning depends on teams of teachers working together, with excellent leaders or coaches, agreeing on worthwhile outcomes, setting high expectations, knowing the students’ starting and desired success in learning, seeking evidence continually about their impact on all students, modifying their teaching in light of this evaluation, and joining in the success of truly making a difference to student outcomes.”

John A.C. Hattie, Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning