IN-HOME or virtual speech-Language Pathology services

 When the symptoms of a concussion continue to occur after the initial period of healing, cognitive rehabilitation can be helpful. In cognitive rehabilitation, you will learn tools, strategies, and techniques to adapt, strengthen your thinking and memory skills,  and get back to what is important to you. 

Muscle tension dysphonia is a result of overuse of the muscles of the throat to make a voice. The speaking pattern can sometimes continue and end up causing damage to the vocal tract. Getting guidance and coaching in recovering your voice is important to avoid misuse or permanent damage to the vocal cords.  "Speak Out" and "LSVT" training programs are offered. 

Gender affirming voice

Your voice is how you present who you are. If your voice doesn't present who you are, Speech-language pathology can help.  

Pediatric speech/language

 If your child has difficulty being understood it may be due to a developmental speech sound disorder. If your child has difficulty in school or difficulty understanding you, it may be due to a language learning difference. Contact a Speech-Language Pathologist today for an evaluation and recommendations.

Vocal cord dysfunction

Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion is a maladaptive pattern of breathing that forces the vocal cords closed causing panic and difficulty inhaling or exhaling.  This generally occurs while exercising and is commonly misdiagnosed or co-occurs with asthma. See a Speech-Language Pathologist today for recommendations and treatment options. 

adolescent speech therapy

As adolescents prepare for adulthood, they must learn a variety of skills. From organizing their personal business, tracking deadlines, setting and achieving goals, writing college essays, and managing jobs and transitions. Speech-Language Pathology can help with improving organizational skills, speaking skills, thought organization, and presentation skills to help your adolescent enter adulthood prepared and confident. 

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"Having you come to our home has been a total game changer. It's so much easier to get the services we need."- Anonymous

"I really value all of the topics and techniques in therapy and how you deliver them.  It’s such a relief to know our brains (my brain) our somewhat plastic, and that they can heal with work and patience." - Linda

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