Virtual speech-language pathology services

Cogmed© coaching

Improve your attention. Stay focused in a world designed to distract you. Cogmed© is the most proven computerized cognitive training program available. Training occurs over a 5-week window and your training is guided by a professional Cogmed© coach. 

accent training

Master English pronunciation with our accent training program designed for non-native speakers. Enhance your communication skills and boost confidence in professional and social settings. Our expert instructors offer personalized guidance to help you achieve clear and fluent speech. 

Gender affirming voice

Express your true self with Gender-Affirming Voice Therapy. Your voice is your identity – let speech-language pathology align it authentically. Rediscover confidence and resonance, presenting the real you with every word. 

We do not accept insurance carriers at this time. 

We accept easy payments via card, Venmo, and autopay options

our clients love us!

"Having you come to our home has been a total game changer. It's so much easier to get the services we need."- Anonymous

"I really value all of the topics and techniques in therapy and how you deliver them.  It’s such a relief to know our brains (my brain) our somewhat plastic, and that they can heal with work and patience." - Linda