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Monday(1,3) / Tuesday (2,4) Schedule

1/2 8:20-9:40 Lifetime Fitness/Health 10 /Prep

3/4 9:44-11:04 8th Grade Physical Education/ 7th Grade Physical Education

5/6 11:08-11:24

Jr. High Lunch Supervision 11:54-12:58

Sr. High Lunch 11:08-11:54

Wednesday-Friday Schedule

1 8:20-9:05 Lifetime Fitness/Health 10

2 9:09-9:54 PREP

3 9:58-10:43 Physical Education 8

4 10:47-11:32 Physical Education 7

5 Jr High Lunch Supervision 12:02-12:47

Monday-Friday Elementary Schedule

12:30-12:55 Kindergarten: 1:50-2:15 3rd Grade:

12:55-1:20 1st Grade: 2:15-2:40 4th Grade:

1:20-1:45 2nd Grade: 2:40-3:10 5th Grade:

What’s up students and parents!

I hope everyone is staying safe out there and I will miss teaching you in Phy Ed class while we are not at school, but the good news is you already have all the skills, tools and knowledge you need to keep your body healthy. I hope you can use all that we’ve learned in Phy Ed this year to stay active each day and if it’s safe and the weather is nice you could even try to get outside and play in your yards to keep yourselves active.

Students, I’ve included some daily workouts for you to try out and also linked up a ton of resources and activities that you can check out if you get bored or need a fun activity to do. If you want, you can have your parents tag me on Twitter @sbrads6432 if you are working on any of these activities, I’d love to connect with you and see what you are up to.

Other than the daily workout and skill review options in your Google Classroom, you can find a lot of additional ideas linked on this page:

Parents, one message the commissioner shared was that we are not asking parents to become teachers. We are still the teachers - we are trained professionals and are still the ones expected to deliver instruction. Please communicate that to families to help ease some of their anxiety. "Our learning environment is changing, our relationships aren't changing."

I will continue to add to these documents. There are some really great ideas in here. Included Tabata's, dances, GIFS, Fitness Exercises and much more. Please feel free to contact me at anytime. Keep moving and having fun.

Resources for Lessons: Tools for Creating an Active Home:

ACTIVE HOME PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Soccer Skills 3-5 Complete the activity with a friend or family member. Don't forget to log y

Active Homes Resources to keep you moving: American Heart Association Resources

More PE At Home Resources:

Fitness Bingo for Elementary Students

All K-6 will have access to this information. Grades 2-6, this will be included in your

Google Classroom assignments

Physed @Home:

Some examples of Tabata's and This or That Activities

Would you rather 1:

Would You Rather 1 Roblox-inspired Fitness PE Distance Learning

Would You Rather 2 Roblox Fitness PE Distance Learning

Would You Rather #2? Physical Fitness for Kids - Brain Break

Would you rather cartoon:

Would You Rather? Choose Between Cartoon and Movie Characters! Physical Fitness for Kids

This or That

This or that 2

Heads or Tails Physical Education Activity

Flexibility & Balance TABATA

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to make an appointment to visit or contact me via any of the following methods.

Steve Bradsteen


You can also find me on twitter @sbrads6432

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Hello from the Battle lake Physical Education Department. My name is Steve Bradsteen, I am currently in my 28th year of teaching at the Battle Lake Public School. I am very excited for the new year to begin. We have a great school, staff and students who strive for and are committed to excellence in education. I look forward to seeing our students achieve their goals during the season and beyond the school year.