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Recent Tech e-mails SY 2022/2023


Good Morning All-


As we venture into Access Testing and with MCAs on the horizon, it is very important to keep the iPads up to date so that testing apps will work for our students.  Also, keeping it up to date helps with how apps you may use in your classroom run and tends to cause less problems.  I know we were cautious at first with the 16.0 update, but we are far enough in now (16.3) that most of the kinks have been worked out.  So again, let’s make sure we keep these iPads updated so they are running as efficiently as they can.


Thank you for you help.  Have a great day!




A while back I asked you not to update your iPads to new iOS.  While there are still a few kinks out there that we are working through, you may update iPads when you get the chance to the latest Update.  Just an FYI, one of the kinks you might notice is issues with Safari.  If that’s the case, you may use Google Chrome instead and that is found in the Self Service App.


So I’m giving you the green light….good luck!


Any questions, just ask,



If you receive an email similar to the one below (was an image of a non ISD email trying to share a document with Mr. Landgaard's name), please DELETE and DO NOT click on any of the links.  It is SPAM!  Mr. Landgaard has not shared a file with you.  If you see something similar that comes from another administrator but has someone else’s email address, please delete. 


Thank you.





The ISD518 Cyber Security team is asking everyone to NOT install the WAVE browser on your computer.  You may see a popup that you cannot do certain things such as view a file unless the Wave Browser is installed.  Please DO NOT do this as it is malicious.  If you have installed this browser, please contact so we can help you uninstall this and do some further research.  This browser is known for doing extensive data mining and hijacks your default browser, making unauthorized changes on your computer. 


Remember to not install any software unless it has been approved by the ISD518 IT Department.  The only supported browsers in the district are Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. 


To maintain our student’s data safety as well as your own data safety, it is imperative that you never click on any pop up or link while browsing on the internet or in an email unless you are 100% sure it is safe.  The ISD518 Cybersecurity Team needs each and every one of your help on this.  Thank you for thinking twice before clicking.


ISD518 Cyber Security Team


This week while scrolling the Internet, I saw Oprah’s “Favorite Things 2022” list.  How fitting, as it is once again, that time of year for all your hopes and dreams of technology to come pouring out.  So, start thinking about what you could use technology wise in your classroom, building, etc.  What are your favorite technology things….


iPads that sparkle like snowflakes in winter

Chromebooks all sleek, with their slick color silver

Virtual Goggles that bring you to Mars

These are the tech things I want in my arms


Drones that take work to the level - extreme

Robots that walk and talk…must be a dream.

Singing machines, make staff meetings fun

Think of all tech things under the sun


When the grades are due

You’ve got winter blues,

When kids make you mad!

Just simply remember your favorite tech things and then you won’t feel so bad.




Now for the important information on how to do this. Without all the singing.

With regards to Technology Capital Outlay requests the following rules apply.


1.       Amount of request needs to be over $1000.00. You can bundle items to accomplish that if you want to. (For example, a grade level of people want something valued at $300. List it as all who want them to push the total over $1000 instead of individually)

2.       Fill out the form found here, (Capital Outlay) describing what you want and who is asking and why you are asking and what you got for Christmas, and who got the best gift in your family, and what you ate, etc. no later than January 13th  2023Anything after that time will probably not make it on the list. If you don’t have this email and want to get to the form it can be found on the district website under Staff Resources/Capital Outlay Requests

3.       If you are requesting anything unique that you found somewhere online or in a catalog and want to include a link to it, you can email or, or put the link in the online form, or bring in a picture of it to us (along with chocolate, of course!) Also, if you have any other questions, email and ask!!

4.       Please list your items with prices.

5.       Think outside your classrooms too, please. Throw out ideas of things that would make things easier for you elsewhere in the buildings. What do you want to see in the labs, the lounges, the Principal’s office, the lunchrooms, the gyms,  the bathrooms, other?

6.   If you are new to this and would like more explanations of how to go about this, stop in the high school tech office or set up a time to zoom with us about it and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. (If we don’t know the answers, Christian will find them for us!)


This email is in regards to the iOS update 16.  On your iPads, you probably notice a new update 15.7.1, but also that update 16 is available too.  Please do not update to 16 yet.  We have noticed some issues with the update for 16 and things concerning ClassLink (Pearson’s the biggie right now).  So hold off on 16 for now.  You can do the iOS update 15.7.1 and that will still work.

As with any big update, there is always a few kinks that need to be straightened out before it’s solid to use.  I think it’s just Apple’s way of testing Tech Department’s sanity.



Great News! Amy and Micaela from tech are going to get the Display Note app  pushed out to student devices. Having the Display Note app will allow students cast their iPads to the IFP Newline boards. Students will be able to use the app, enter the code on the Screencast app on the IFP Newline board, and share their device for presentations or to show examples. Students will NOT be able to use AirPlay as that only works when the device and the Newline are on the same network, which they are not.


⚠️⚠️You need to turn moderator mode ON. If moderator mode is off, students have the ability to share their screens and you may get an unexpected surprise if they are sharing when they're not supposed to.⚠️⚠️



‼️ PLEASE! Enable Moderator Mode!  ‼️


The video will help show the path to take:

When moderator mode is on, you will have to invite people to present by clicking on the Newline board on the right hand side of the Screencast app.


** The Mail app on iPads does not work with school email after updates. Use the Microsoft Outlook App to log-in to your staff e-mail via the iPad. This applies only to STAFF. Student email will still work on the iPad mail app.