ISD31 Staff Distance Learning Tips

Please browse the following tips and tutorials for distance learning.

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Tutorial: Screencastify

Use Screencastify to record your lectures and post the resulting links into Google Classroom

Tutorial: Google Meet Basics

A 4 minute tutorial on getting started with Google Meet.

Tutorial: Make a Phone Call from GMail

How to initiate a phone call from GMail.

Tutorial: Forward Phone Calls/Check Voicemail

Forwarding Calls
rom your classroom/office phone:
Pick up the phone. When you hear dial tone, dial *64 then 7 followed by the 7 digit phone number.

If you have non-218 number; *64 then 7 followed by 1 then area code followed by 7 digit phone number.

To cancel, pick up the phone again and dial *73.

Remotely Checking Voicemail
If you opt not to forward calls to your extension, you can easily check voice messages from any phone. Just dial your school number, then your extension. When your greeting starts, hit the " * " key, then your 4 digit passcode.


Tips: Google Classroom Mobile Tools

Google Classroom app has an annotations tool, and students can write or draw on the PDF or Google doc. See this and other Google Classroom tips:

Leveraging the Amazing Mobile Features of Google Classroom

Tutorial: Google Chat

Use Google Chat as a communications tool.

Google Chat How To

Tip: Students can use Google Classroom Offline

If you have students with limited internet access, Google Classroom and the entire Google Suite can be used offline. Meaning -- Students can go to an area with internet access and access Google Classroom and all of the assignments will update, and a student can work on them offline. When they're connected to the internet their work will transfer. Note that if you embed a link or video those will not work without internet access. Students will be able to edit docs, spreadsheet, and slides.