Principal's Voice

Welcome to the home of Jaysen Anderson, Principal of Bloomington Jefferson High School

June 12, 2017

Greetings students, parents, and families of #jaguarnation,

As summer break begins, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on our amazing year, and how we are growing and transitioning with a focus on improving the educational experience and outcomes for your students.

This year, my first in Bloomington, was filled with great moments, and I am constantly amazed and impressed by our students and staff. To cap the year off with an inspirational graduation ceremony celebrating the Class of 2017 was to see the fruits of our labors, to wish our students well as they embark on their next venture in life.

While Jefferson is known throughout the state for its top tier academic and activities programs, we recognize that we must continue to learn, reflect, and evolve to meet the needs of changing learners and a changing world. Therefore we are embarking on an ambitious plan to renovate some of our learning spaces to meet this new world. While many of you have heard of our construction plans for this summer and next, many of you might not know the “why” behind it.

The colleges and workplaces that our students will soon find themselves will emphasize collaboration, problem solving, disciplined drive, and time management. By creating flexible learning areas around our media center and main hallways, we will create learning spaces that mirror this, in a safe and supervised environment. Students need to be able to access spaces outside of the classroom to work individually and in small groups, to work on their chromebooks and to hash out a complex task with several teammates. While the media center is a fine home for this, we have found that additional, even more flexible spaces are needed. Again, not only does this mirror the world students will be in after high school, it actually serves a need for our high school courses as well. Our courses and teachers are increasingly relying on digital tasks, small group rotations, and flexible learning to meet the needs of all students. Therefore there are times when a student may not be in the classroom with the teacher, but might be working independently or with a small group of peers in one of these newly created work areas. The possibilities are truly endless, and we are beyond excited for this development.

Construction starts at Jefferson today, June 12, and will continue for most of the summer. If you happen to visit the building this summer you may or may not encounter some tarps, dust, or hard hats. This project will ultimately take a full calendar year, so some construction will also resume next summer to finalize work. I have linked below one of our publicity documents for some quick reading if you would like to learn more.

As always we are at your service. Jefferson administration and office personnel work most of the summer so feel free to drop by, call us, or leave an email.

We thank you for everything you do to support your student’s learning, we are so grateful for the team approach to educating your child.

Enjoy your summer, and we will see you and your student soon.


Jaysen Anderson


(952) 806-7650

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