Staples-Motley Teaching and Learning

Staples-Motley School District Mission and Vision


Staples-Motley School District supports all learners to grow and rise to new challenges through a culture of pride in academics, arts, athletics and community.


To educate, equip, and empower all students to achieve their full potential, and succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Jennifer Pantzke, Teaching and Learning Coordinator

Assessment, Curriculum, Staff Development, and QComp

218-894-5400 ext 3359

Staples-Motley District Office

905 4th St NE, Staples, MN 56479




STUDENT EXPERIENCE: Diverse opportunities and support for success

CLIMATE AND CULTURE: Optimal teaching and learning environment

VALUE: Guided management of district assets

OPERATIONS: Service, collaboration, facilities maintenance

Continuous Improvement Plan Final.pdf

Districtwide Goals and Objectives

District Staff Development Goals

  1. Continue to support high functioning teams.

  2. PLCs utilize the Continuous Improvement process to improve student achievement.

  3. Support individual sites to assist them in meeting their student achievement goals:

  • Staff development teaches classroom assessment skills that allow teachers to regularly monitor gains in student learning.

  • Staff development regularly offers opportunities to practice new skills and receive feedback on the performance of those skills.

2019-20 QComp Site Goals

Staples-Motley Elementary

In Spring 2020, 40% of Staples-Motley Elementary students will meet or exceed MCA reading proficiency.

Motley-Staples Middle School

Students in grades 5-8 who achieve 40th percentile or above in vocabulary acquisition and use strand of the NWEA MAP Reading will increase from 72% in Spring 2019 to 74% in Spring 2020.

Staples-Motley High School

The percentage of all students in grades 9-10 who meet or exceed their spring to spring individual RIT growth projection on the NWEA MAP in reading will increase 2% points in the Spring of 2020.