Staples-Motley Teaching and Learning

Staples-Motley School District Beliefs, Vision, and Mission


  • Education is a life-long process involving the student, the school district, and the community
  • We must appreciate the past, enjoy the present, and prepare for the future
  • Our stakeholders have high expectations for our schools to prepare students for a changing world
  • All students must be offered an excellent education and diverse activities that will result in a well-rounded individual
  • We must empower and engage all students in inspiring excellence, creativity, and innovation
  • We will achieve excellence by being financially efficient, resourceful, and creative


We are a community united to become the region's school district of choice.


IN PARTNERSHIP with the community and families, the Staples-Motley School District will empower all students to achieve the social growth and academic success necessary to become productive citizens in a changing world.

Debbie Ferdon, Teaching and Learning Coordinator

Assessment, Curriculum, Staff Development, and QComp

218-352-6315 ext 3506

Districtwide Goals and Objectives

World’s Best Workforce Goal

All students will be proficient or demonstrate high growth on district and/or state assessments in reading.

District Staff Development Goals

  1. Continue to support high functioning teams.
  2. PLCs utilize the Continuous Improvement process to improve student achievement.
  3. Support individual sites to assist them in meeting their student achievement goals:
  • Staff development teaches classroom assessment skills that allow teachers to regularly monitor gains in student learning.
  • Staff development regularly offers opportunities to practice new skills and receive feedback on the performance of those skills.

2018-19 QComp Site Goals

Staples-Motley Elementary

Goal #1: The percentage of all students in grades 1-3 at Staples-Motley Elementary who meet or exceed their fall to spring individual RIT growth projection on the NWEA MAP in Reading will increase from 49% in Spring 2018 to 51% in Spring 2019

Goal #2: Kindergarten students will improve from 52% Letter Sound proficiency in the Spring of 2018 to 55% proficiency by Spring 2019.***This is a secondary goal for only Kindergarten, because they do not do NWEA testing. This goal will not be submitted as a QComp goal.

Motley-Staples Middle School

The percentage of all students in grades 4-7 at MSMS who meet or exceed the Spring to Spring individual RIT Growth Projection on the NWEA MAP in Reading will increase from 56.75% in Spring 2018 to 58.75% in Spring 2019.

Staples-Motley High School

The percentage of all students in grades 8-10 at Staples-Motley High School who meet or exceed their spring to spring individual RIT Growth Projection on the NWEA MAP in reading will increase from 57% in Spring 2018 to 58% in Spring 2019.