Mr. Miklya's Class

Welcome! I am so excited to be at Clover Ridge Elementary.

Bio: Teaching and coaching are my passions! I have been doing both since 2012. I began my career in Winona. Later, I moved to Burnsville and continued to teach and coach from the Elementary level up to High School. Last year, I taught third grade and the previous three years I taught fifth grade. Building relationships with students and ensuring their success in the classroom is always my top priority.

Contact Information:


Classroom Number:(952)-556-6961

I am available most nights after school if you would prefer to speak in person. I appreciate knowing ahead of time to avoid any confusion.

I read email in the morning from 7:30-7:50 A.M., then from 9:05-10:05 A.M., and then again after school. If you are trying to reach me outside of the times listed, I may not get to your email until students have left for the day. Please understand students are my top priority and I am away from my computer and desk for most of the day.

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  1. Compose a new text message with your phone.
  2. In the box asking for who to send the message write: 81010
  3. In the separate box available for the message write: @miklya