CHS Care Team

Hawk Haul

The Hawk Haul was founded in 2013 by Chaska High School students Kayla Emerson and Jessica Hardy to provided food, personal hygiene products and school supplies to students in need. The CHS Student Council has carried on the tradition of this food shelf and these students vision and passion for helping others. The Hawk Haul has grown and continues to be a valuable resource here at Chaska High School.

CHS Care Team

The Care Team at Chaska High School is a group of students, staff, and community members that provide support to local families in times of need. In the fall of 2015 the Care Team was founded with the common goal of ending student hunger at Chaska High School. It had come to our attention that some of our students were struggling to afford or access food on the weekends and long breaks. Having been through tough times ourselves, we wanted to help. CHS already had the Hawk Haul resource center in the building, which has food, toiletries, and other school supplies, but we found that some students needed more regular access to those resources. Since then, the Care Team has expanded our outreach to also support students, families, and staff facing other crises, such as homelessness, illness, or death of a family member.

Through a partnership with a non-profit called Every Meal: Fighting Childhood Hunger (everymeal.org) and local food donations to the Hawk Haul, we offer students in need a free bag of groceries on Fridays year-round. We also provide families with food and gift cards over winter and spring breaks when students will not have access to meals at school. In times of crisis, big or small, the Care Team organizes and provides homemade meals, gift cards, toiletries, school supplies, and any other items that a student may need. Students may submit special requests to school counselors at any time, regardless of the type or length of need.


This Parent Permission Form can be given to your child's counselor if you would like to sign up for the program. If you are not able to print it, you can send the counselor an email telling them you would like to sign up for the program, which kind of bag you would like, and which house office your child would like to pick up their bag from on the Tuesday or Friday they are in school.

Counselor Info:

9th Grade: Tara Halvorson- HalvorsonT@District112.org

10th Grade: Ryan Smith- SmithRyan@District112.org

11th Grade: Katie LoScalzo- LoScalzoK@District112.org

12th Grade: Kayla Freeman- FreemanKa@District112.org


If you would like to donate items to the Hawk Haul, you can drop donations off with the Greeter at Door 1 of CHS (Main Entrance) anytime the school is open. Please be sure to let the Greeter know the items are for the Hawk Haul or Care Team.

Food needed (not Costco sized items):

Hearty soups/stews (easy open)

Canned vegetables (easy open)

Fruit (applesauce, other fruit like peaches easy open cans or in jars)

Canned tomatoes and beans

Flavored rice and pasta

Peanut butter and jelly

Pasta sauce

Canned chicken and tuna (packets or easy open cans)

Oatmeal packets

Single serving trail mix packets

Healthy snacks ( Beef sticks, granola bars, cereal bars)

Gift Cards needed:


Cub Foods

Holiday Gas

Speedway Gas

Holiday Treat Bag Needs: LIST COMING SOON!


A. Contribute to the CHS Care Team Fund through the District 112 Foundation. Donations are tax-deductible and the funds help us buy food to add to the bags, grocery store or gas gift cards for families in crisis, communication materials, and other specific student needs.

Donate online at: https://district112foundation.org/blog/donate/

-Be sure to say “CHS Care Team Fund” in the comment box.

Donate by check to: District 112 Foundation, P.O. Box 51, Chaska, MN 55318.

-Be sure to write CHS Care Team” in the memo line!

B. Donate items to the Hawk Haul. See the "Items Needed" button above.

C. Join the team! The team meets every second Wednesday of the month at 3:15 pm on Google Meet. If you’re interested in joining us, please contact Jeri Anne Goodall at GoodallJ@District112.org or 952-556-7210.


Summer Celebration and Thanks:

  • Kelly Harris's family hosted a lemonade stand to raise money for CHS Hawk Haul. Awesome job!

May Celebration and Thanks:

  • CHS (lead by Ryan Smith) hosted a "Drive By Food Drive" and the community showed incredibly generosity by donating hundreds of pounds of food for CHS families in need. Thank you so much!!!

March 13th and After:

  • Our last day IN school because of Covid 19. Care Team and Staff volunteers continued for 7 months to do biweekly delivery of 2 groceries/meals to 15 Chaska High School families. This was Mid March up through September 28th, when the kids were back in the building and could pick up food in person. Amazing Team effort.

March Celebrations and Thanks:

  • The CHS baseball team donated a bunch of food to the Hawk Haul!

February Celebrations and Thanks:

  • Maria Ochoa’s family (Maria is a teacher at CHS) gave the Care Team a cash donation in January. They have a tradition at Christmas where they make gifts and raise money for one organization the family wants to help. They picked the CHS Care Team this year!

  • We are thankful to parent volunteers for bringing food to the families who need it delivered.

December Celebrations and Thanks:

  • The Benefit Bashers created a social media fundraising campaign for the Hawk Haul/Care Team, and raised $2765 in just a few days! The team took a picture in the Hawk Haul with a giant check and it may be printed in the Chaska Herald. This donation really gives the team the ability to keep helping kids for the rest of the year!

  • Crown of Glory Youth Group and the Advent Tea attendees made a donation of items to the Hawk Haul this month. We are very grateful for being supported by so many members of our community. A picture of this donation was posted on the Facebook page.


Care Team Coordinator: Jeri Anne Goodall - goodallj@district112.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CHSCareTeam/

Twitter: @CHSCareTeam