MYP Distant Learning Program

Welcome back to Distant learning

December edition

Remember to be logged in with your school Gmail account, otherwise you will not be able to access the daily tasks.

you will occasionally be using video calls so that your teachers can see you, run classes and check in with you.

You can also blur you background or insert a nice background picture.


Welcome to the ISB Distant Learning Program (DLP) homepage where you can find information about schoolwork and tasks you should work on from home until you are back at school. Your teachers are setting you daily tasks adapted from what you otherwise would have done in class.

Teachers will be ready to answer any questions you may have via email , chat or video conferencing during their regular teaching time. Feel free to ask them for help or explanations at any time.

Links from the Homepage

DLP 2020 WMF.wmv

Instruction video

General introduction to ISB students

Explains how to sign in relevant places, receive information and see your daily schedule.


School Closure - student FAQ