Riding a Bicycle to ISA

3-9 March

Bike route from Amsterdam

When coming from direction Amsterdam, cyclists should exit via Groenelaan and cross over to Marten Lutherweg.

Cyclists should continue down Marten Lutherweg until reaching Sportlaan.

Please note that there will be an increase in traffic during this week due to the closing of the Sportlaan/Beneluxbaan intersection.

Bike route from East side of Beneluxbaan

For cyclists who come to ISA from the east side of the Beneluxbaan, road construction will create a longer alternative route to reach the campus.

Exit onto Watercirkel and follow the road to the bicycle underpass at the Marne tram stop.

Exit the underpass and turn right onto the bike path that runs along the ISA-side of the Beneluxbaan to Sportlaan.