General Project Information

Since 1990, Metro 51 has been operating to serve the Amsterdam and Amstelveen communities. To improve the overall services, the city has undertaken a massive road works improvement project that is scheduled to run until late 2020. The construction will impact ISA community members, therefore we ask that you carefully review the project plans and the construction periods noted below, to ensure that your commute to ISA goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Starting 3 March, 2019, Tram 51 will stop running and will be replaced by bus 55. Please note that this bus will only be available for use to get to ISA from 25 March, 2019 onwards due to road construction at the Sportlaan intersection. As of now, there is no extra construction planned which will impact traffic flows after 24 March.

Comprehensive information on the project can be found here at the Amstelveenlijn website. Limited information is also provided in English and Japanese.

Sportlaan 2018

Sportlaan Fall 2020

Public transport: temporary situation during the building work

Because of the building work, the trams will not be able to run during specific periods in 2019 and 2020. The planned measures for temporary public transport look like this:

■ From 3 March 2019 until late 2020, tram line 51 will be replaced by bus line 55.

■ The Kronenburg stop will be discontinued from 7 January 2019. Tram line 5 customers can use a temporary stop (Biesbosch), 250 metres south of the original stop.

■ Tram 5 will remain in service, except for the summer holidays in 2019 and five weekends across 2019 and 2020. During these periods, tram line 5 will be replaced by bus line 45.