School Policies

In the beginning of the school year, each student receives an IS 230 student handbook. Please read through the handbook with your child and discuss the school policies that are detailed in the front section. Please sign the signature pages (p. 29-30) and students must return them to school to be kept on file.

School-Wide Grading Policy

Student grades are calculated based on the following percentages:

50% Assessments

40% Classwork (includes participation, effort, and work ethic)

10% Homework

Honor Roll

Each marking period students are selected for our school Honor Roll. There are two levels of achievement, each with different criteria for selection:

Principal’s Honor Roll Average of 95% or higher

Honor Roll Average of 90% to 94.99%

All students must also earn satisfactory conduct marks (no N’s or U’s) and receive a minimum grade of 85% in all subjects.