At I.S. 230, students are assigned a guidance counselor to assist them through their middle school experience.

I.S.230 currently has three Guidance Counselors.

Ms. Beato ( - Grade 6

Mr. Gellard ( - Grade 7

Ms. Nicosia ( - Grade 8

Ms. Beato is the Bilingual Guidance Counselor since 2007. Ms. Nicosia is the Guidance Counselor since the school's inception. Mr. Gellard joined IS 230 in September 2016. Each Guidance Counselor supports a different grade. The Guidance Counselors are instrumental in guiding students through the High School application process.

In addition Ms. Maietta is the Substance Abuse Prevention Intervention Specialist (SAPIS). She conducts evidence based prevention lessons in the classroom, as well as individual and group counseling on topics related to self-esteem, social skills, decision making, substance abuse prevention & intervention, communication skills and assertiveness.