The Lydia Krawec

Memorial Library

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Mrs. Krawec and Ms. Fulgoni ARISTA

Mrs. Krawec and Ms. Fulgoni's honorary induction into ARISTA in June of 2011.

Welcome to the I.S. 125Q Library!

The library vision is to create lifelong readers, thinkers, and learners in a safe and nurturing environment.

Reading opens up possibilities and lets your imagination run wild and bloom in many directions

May 23, 2022 @ 9:00AM Virtual Author Visit in the Library

The 2022 I.S. 125'S mArCh MaDnEsS oF boOks Champion is


Monday to Friday: 8:00 to 2:20

Librarian: Ms. Fulgoni


Phone: 718-937-0320 ext. 2341

Students are permitted in the library with a pass during AM homeroom, lunch, scheduled class visits, or with permission from a teacher, dean or administrator.

Homeroom Pass:

House 1 -- Monday, Tuesday

House 2 -- Tuesday, Friday

House 3 -- Monday, Thursday

House 4 -- Wednesday, Friday

Lunch Pass:

House 1 (Period 4) -- Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri

House 2 (Period 6) -- Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu

House 3 (Period 5) -- Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

House 4 (Period 7) -- Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu


  • Printed books and playaways in the Library

  • EBooks and audiobooks from Sora, MackinVia, ComicsPlus, and Teen Book Cloud


  • You may borrow up to 3 books and/or materials at a time for 2 weeks. If you need to hold on to the book for a longer period of time, you can renew it in the library or online

  • For eBooks, there is no limit in the number of books you may borrow

  • You can place a hold on a book online. When you receive a notice from your homeroom teacher that the book is ready, you can come to the library to pick it up

  • You will need to use your DOE email and password to place a hold, borrow eBooks, and monitor your account

  • You may not borrow any additional materials if you have overdue materials or unpaid fines


  • Treat the library and its resources with care and respect

  • Clean up your area and throw trash away

  • Do not reshelve books; just leave them on the table for the library staff to put back

  • Keep your noise level to a minimum

  • Use computers for school work, research, and educational activities only

  • Return books on time by placing them in one of the book drops

  • Notify Ms. Fulgoni when a book is lost or damaged because it must be paid for as soon as possible so that it may be replaced