Iron Growth Cycle

The Iron Growth Cycle is the result of coalescing the best practices, evidence-based strategies and research regarding organizational improvement and effective collaboration for continuous improvement. Some of the resources drawn upon to put together this cycle are "Data Wise" (by Boudett, City and Murname), "Collaborative School Improvement" by (Kaufman, Grimm and Miller), "Learning by Doing" (by DuFour, DuFour, Eaker and Many,) "Pyramid Response to Intervention" (by Buffum, Mattos and Weber), "Meeting Wise" by "Boudett and City), "Visible Learning" (by Hattie), "Leaders of Learning" (by DuFour and Marzano).

The Iron Growth Cycle outlines a cycle that is followed for a full calendar year and repeated each year. Within the cycle are smaller cycles repeated each quarter. The Iron Growth Cycle is intended to provide ultra clarity to school administrators and teachers regarding the expectations for collaborative improvement efforts at the school level as well as at the level of the individual Professional Learning Community teams determined by grade or subject.

ICSD PLC Poster - Final.pdf
Building Leadership Teams - Final.pdf