Joining Forces for Advancing Geophysics

UNAVCO and IRIS completed the merger to form EarthScope Consortium on January 1, 2023. This website is an archive of documents and announcements related to the process of that merger.

Beginning in 2019, UNAVCO and IRIS began discussions focused on how both organizations can collectively work together to further advance geophysics support for the community. As our science becomes more convergent, there is benefit to examining how we can support research and education as a single organization. Following initial discussions, the UNAVCO and IRIS Boards reached consensus that the joining of UNAVCO and IRIS would be the best option for the research community to continue to conduct and advance cutting-edge geophysics. The merged entity is called EarthScope Consortium.

EarthScope Consortium Mission:
The EarthScope Consortium is a university consortium dedicated to transforming global geophysical research and education.
and vision:
An engaged society, resilient to geohazards, informed by geophysical discovery and global collaboration.