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Mrs. Sekiguchi

Mrs. Maher

978.356.2976 ext. 309

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The Winthrop School Library connects students to a world of information. Our students use print and digital resources to expand their learning and their global connections. Winthrop students' online activity is WOW: Worthy of the World.

(Credit for WOW ~ Angela Maiers)

Click here for summer reading:

Click the "Parents" tab for info on Internet Safety

Log in to your library account with your school user name and password. You can see which books you have checked out, and you can place a book on hold.

This is the Tales2Go audiobooks school link. Click the icon on the left for in-school use only. School iPads will also have the Tales2Go app. With your ID and password, you can create bookmarks to access your audiobooks on all your devices.

At home, download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store onto a device, or access the website on a desktop or laptop: To create a bookmark, you will need your ID and password.

Here's a blog post about Tales2Go at Winthrop School. Click here.