WVHS Mental Health Coordinator

Dear Warrior Students, Families & Staff:

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year.  I hope all students and families have enjoyed their summer break.  The summer seemed to have flown by so quickly.   As we start the new school year, I have noticed students have adjusted to their typical school routines well.  Having students in the building gives off extra energy and is why the start of the school year is exciting.  

We continue to see mental health concerns and struggle with academic habits.   I am also excited to share that we have increased supports for student mental health needs at the house levels.   At WVHS we are also looking at our values of what it is like to be a Warrior.  We feel students will be most successful by demonstrating the Way of the Warrior across all settings of their life.   

A Warrior is strong, respectful and responsible.

A Warrior perseveres (never gives up)

Warriors have integrity (doing the right thing when no one is watching)

Our Warrior Community has Pride, Tradition and Spirit.

As a 30 year veteran social worker, my passion is to help others in the best way I know how. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to my email.  

Take care and Be well, 

Kelly Zielie, LCSW, CADC

I shared a valuable message on pausing.