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Welcome to the WVHS Math Department web page. This page is designed as a resource for students, parents, and guardians to locate general information regarding math courses at Waubonsie Valley. For class specific information please see your specific teacher's web page located on the faculty and staff page on the WVHS website.

Math Resources

Academic Supports at WVHS: This documents outlines all the opportunities at WVHS that are offered to support students' academic efforts outside of class time.

Textbook List By Course: This document details the textbook used by each class math class at WVHS. ISBN numbers are included for reference.

Desmos Online Graphing Calculator: Desmos is a great online grapher that is utilized by many of the math classes.

Khan Academy: This is a great website for students who have missed school and are looking for videos that could help them make up material. Students can search for videos by both course and topic.

Hippocampus: This website offers lessons and videos for students seeking additional assistance.

TI Instruments: Most of the math courses at WVHS requires the students to have a graphing calculator. This website has many of the preferred calculators used by students and modeled by staff in the classroom.

Codingbat.com: This website offers additional insights into the world of coding. Students taking computer programming courses may find it useful.