Fourth Grade is excited to continue the IPSD 1:1 Chromebook program this year.

Every learner will receive a Chromebook to use during school hours and to take home to work on school assignments.

Chromebook Expectations

  • Students are expected to take home their Chromebooks every night.
  • After completing any homework or other schoolwork, students should allow their Chromebooks to charge overnight.
  • Students are expected to bring their Chromebook to school fully charged, which should last the entire school day. There are no charging stations available at school except for emergency situations.
  • Students should keep their Chromebook charger at home.
  • Students should not use Chromebooks for non-school related work, Internet browsing or other uses.
  • Students or guardians should not adjust any settings unless instructed to do so by the classroom teacher or other school official.
  • Remember, Chromebooks remain the property of IPSD 204 and may be monitored by the school district for any reason without notice.

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Lost & Damaged Chromebooks

  • If a Chromebook is damaged, DO NOT attempt to repair it yourself. Instead, return the device to your classroom teacher.
  • DO NOT open Chromebooks or attempt to repair, replace or upgrade parts.
  • Attempting to repair your Chromebook yourself may result in further damage that may be more costly.
  • If unauthorized repairs are discovered on Chromebooks, you may still be charged the full cost of replacing or repairing it with district authorized parts, even if the device functions properly.
  • The cost for lost or damaged Chromebooks varies based on the amount of damange or if the device is a total loss. Because the Chromebooks are the property of IPSD 204, famliies are fully responsible for the cost to repair or replace Chromebooks.

Chromebook Care

It is important to remember that Chromebooks remain the property of IPSD and must be treated respectfully, responsibility and safely. Here are some basic guidelines and tips from the Fourth Grade team:

  • To ensure a full charge, we recommend plugging your Chromebook in to charge as soon as the student gets home from school and to keep in plugged in while working on homework or other assignments. After finishing homework, students should double check that the power cord is securely attached to the Chromebook as it can sometimes slip out while being used. Then, the Chromebook can be charged for the remainder of the night to get a full charge for the next day.
  • Only take the Chromebooks out when you are seated at a suitable work area such as a desk or table. Chromebooks should not be taken out on the bus, while walking or other situations.
  • To avoid crushing or otherwise damaging Chromebooks, students should remove their backpacks before sitting down (including while on the bus or in a vehicle). The pressure between the student's back and the seat back can crush the laptop or crack the screen.
  • All food and drinks should be kept away from the Chromebook. Chromebooks should not be used in kitchens or at dining tables when food or liquids are present. Please be sure to remove food and beverages from the work area when using a Chromebook or when the Chromebook is charging. While at school, students should keep water bottles and food off their desks while working on a Chromebook.
  • During inclement weather, students should double check that the Chromebook, when placed in their backpack, will not be exposed to rain, snow, ice, mud or dust.
  • Students may not place any stickers, decals or covers to their Chromebooks, even if they are removable. The ONLY cover allowed is the one provided by IPSD. The paper insert inside this cover should clearly include the student's name and can be decorated by the student as long as the decorations are respectful, responsible and safe. If a student's case insert contains inappropriate material or content, it may be removed and discarded by a faculty or staff member and the student may lose the privilege to decorate it.
  • Families are encouraged to determine a safe place to store and charge the Chromebook each night. It is recommended that the Chromebook not be left in the student's room, but rather a common area of the home where usage can be monitored.
  • Students are reminded to never share their usernames or passwords with anyone else and to not log in using another student's account. Doing say may result in losing the privilege of using Chromebooks.
Chromebook Agreement 2018-2019
Chromebook Handbook 2018-2019