What is Heroclix?

HeroClix is a collectible miniatures game that uses the Clix system. It centers on the world of superhero comic books, especially the Marvel and DC Comics universes. Heroclix has been described as chess with superpowers, and it supports math, most notably on fluently adding and subtracting within 20.

Heroclix: An Introduction for the curious

Session 3, Earth X

April 3 --President Osborn

April 10--King Britain

Session 4: DC Rebirth

April 17 - Basic Game Elements

April 24 -Action tokens and Pushing

May 1- The Flash (Hypersonic, Supersenses)

May 8 -Wonder Woman (Charge, BCF, Toughness)

May 15 Superman, Aquaman (SStrength, Inv/ Imp)

May 22 Cyborg (Sidestep, Willpower, Outwit)

May 29 Batman (Running Shot, Prob, CR)

Kids Only Tournaments

Gamers World in the Fox Valley Mall runs FREE Kids Only tournaments!

April 6 500 pts

May 11 400 pts

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