What you need to know:

             - China only accepts items with less than 1% contamination

                 (The National Average is 25% contamination)

             - The recycling stream is SERIOUSLY overloaded

What's the Difference?

What's Considered Contamination?

             - Straws

             - Plastic Utensils

             - Plastic items only used once

​             - NOT recyclable

             - Napkins with grease

             - Cardboard pizza boxes because of cheese

             - Used paper plates

*Do not try to recycle any items considered to be contamination-they interfere and can cause equal the trashing of    recyclables

What's the Problem with Plastic Anyway?

However, it's Better to Recycle our plastic than to do nothing at all, so...

What's Recyclable in (Naperville) Curbside Recycling?​​ 

   #1 - PETE or PET

       Examples: Food Containers or Plastic bottles

   #2 - PE

       Examples: Liquid (milk or detergent) Containers, sometimes Plastic Bags

   #3 - PVC

       Examples: Food Wrapping, etc. (common items not included because not accepted for curbside)

   #4 - LDPE

       Examples: Plastic or Bread Bags

   #5 - PP

       Examples: Condiment Bottles, Yogurt or Plastic Cups

   #7 - PLA

       Examples: Wide variety of "bioplastics"

(#6- PS -often includes Styrofoam or plastic in snack packages such as Oreo or Chips Ahoy that give the package its shape- are NOT recyclable in curbside)

Plastic #7 is NOT recyclable in most areas. Check for information on what's recyclable in your area.

What is Terracycle?

Where can I recycle items not recyclable in Curbside?

How Can I Reduce my Use of Plastic?

*Note: Check with stores and organizations to see if they are still collecting amidst the current pandemic.