Crystal Pillar

Crystal Pillar

Wildcat Weekly was recently awarded a Crystal Pillar at this year's MMEA Film Festival, Drew has the story.

alyssa pulse

Wildcat You Should Know: Drew Beutel

Drew Beutel has just won his second state title in Wheelchair Basketball. Alyssa gives you the details.

Pulse316 (1).mov

Special Olympics Basketball

Neuqua Special Olympics took home third place at the state tournament this year, Drew has the story.

Writers Week

Writers Week

Writers Week is ready to perform. Dylan brings you the details.

National School Counselors Week

It's Nation School Counselors Week! Salimah asks Wildcats to thank their counselors.

Clowning (Dylan).mov

Clowning Unit

Theatre Arts has a fun unit on Clowning! Dylan brings you the story. 

salimah pulse

Senior T-Shirt Design Contest

A competition for the senior t-shirt design is now taking place. Salimah has the details.

Course Selection

Beginning January 20th, Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors will be able to input their course selections for next year. Alyssa brings you the details.

Multi-Cultural Show (Dylan).mov

Multicultural Show Auditions

Theres a great opportunity at Neuqua to show off your cultural heritage. Dylan brings you the story.

Physics Bridges (Drew).mov

Physics Bridges

The start of the new year brings along the science department's annual bridge breaking contest.

Student Equity Action Committee

The Student Equity Action Committee is working on action proposals to promote equity at Neuqua. Sienna has the story. 

Media Camp

Media Camp

Next month, the media department is holding a camp for 8th graders and freshmen. Mridula has the details.

Finals Finals.mp4

Finals Final Tips

Next week is the start of finals. Mitchell interviews teachers on some tips about taking finals. 

Chamber Strings Pulse 12.13.2022.mp4

Chamber Strings

This week, Chamber Strings had a performance to showcase their current pieces. Hannah gives you the details. 

Candy Grams Pulse -

Candy Grams

This month, the Senior Class Student Council has set up a sweet treat for students at the main building to buy and share. Shandana gives you the details. 



Did you know that yearbook is a class you can take here at Neuqua Valley High School? Maura shows you the work that gets put into making this year's book and how you can purchase yours. 


STEPS Program

This past Tuesday, the STEPS Program celebrated their reloaction from the Birkett Freshman Center to their new building with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Amelia recaps the celebration.

Chess Team

The Neuqua Chess Team is having a historic season. Drew has the story.

True You Pulse (Dylan).mov

True You Podcast

A Neuqua teacher strives to spread positivity within his community. Dylan brings you the story.

VEI Tradeshow

Neuqua's Virtual Enterprise International companies will travel to Rosemont today for their Trade Show. Salimah has the details.

Murals- Baptista.mp4

Garage Art

Neuqua students contribute their artistic abilities to the Main St. Parking Garage. Emily has the story.

Football Review

Varsity Football Recap

The Varsity Football team wrapped up a successful season, and they look to advance further into the playoffs. Drew has the story.

Pan de Muerto -

Pan de Muerto

To celebrate Día de Muertos, Spanish Honors Society invited their counterparts to bake Pan de Muerto! Shandana serves you the story.

Maura White-Two Sentence Horror

Two Sentence Horror Stories

The Neuqua Library Department introduces the two sentence horror story contest. Maura lets you know how to submit your stories. 

Advanced Health

Advanced Health Trials

Advanced Health classes recently wrapped up their mock-trials. Salimah has the story.


Wildcats in the Chicago Marathon

Three Neuqua Valley staff members ran the Chicago Marathon this past weekend. Sienna runs you through the story. 

Pulse Wildcat

Wildcat Cafe

The Wildcat Cafe is open for business, serving a variety of beverages and snacks. Brooke has the details. 

TV:film club

NVTV TV/Film Club

The TV/Film club is giving Neuqua students a chance to see what it's like to make different types of films and see the Media department. Aidan has the story. 

Amelia Winter- Veterans Day Pulse .mov

Veterans Pictures Needed

For the first time at this year's Veterans Day Ceremony, students are allowed to upload pictures. Amelia has the details on how you can be involved.

Fishing Pulse

Peer Partner Fishing

The Peer Partners fishing unit is one that students look forward to every year. Brooke reels in the story.

Seal of

Seal of Biliteracy

This year, will have multiple opportunities to prove their proficiency in another language and potentially earn the Illinois State Seal of Biliteracy. Shandana gives you the details.

My Video 6.mp4

Blood Drive

Wednesday October 5th is Neuqua's Blood Drive. Students are permitted to donate during their option periods. Riya tells you how you can sign up.  


2022 Homecoming

Neuqua Student Council has decided on a homecoming theme. Shandana gives you details on how Student Council makes this decision.

National Teacher Appreciation

National Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. Salimah interviews students who are thankful for their teachers.

ap psych.mp4

AP Psych Music Videos

The Psychology classes at Neuqua have a fun end of the year project. Hannah gives you the details.

WYSK- Tyler Constantine

NV Media's Tyler Constantine wins the Frank Slocumb Award. Saif has the details. 

life insurance

National Life Insurance Day

With Monday, May 2nd being National Life Inusurance Day, Salimah asks Wildcats what's on their bucket list.


Unlimited Sip Club

Panera has an exciting new offer. Hannah gives the details. 

James Rosenberger

WYSK- James Rosenberger

Recently, Neuqua Valley's @james_rosenberger earned 1st place at DECA's ICDC conference. Shandana has the details.

Google Takeout Pulse (Saif Khan).mp4

Google Takeout

As the end of the school year is near, Seniors will need to have a way to store their things they have gathered throughout their high school careers. Saif has the details.

Constantine-Final Pulse

Volleyball Senior Night

The Boy's Voeyball Team has their senior night. Tyler gives the details. 

Tennis Recap Pulse.mp4

Boy's Tennis Recap 

The Neuqua Valley Wildcats take on the Plainfield North Tigers. Saif gives the Recap. 

NV Lacrosse -

Girl's Lacrosse Recap

Last Thursday, the Girl's Varsity Lacrosse Team played an incredibly close game against the St. Charles East Co-op. Shandana gives you the highlights.

game night

Game Night

Did you know that Student Council's Class of 2023 recently hosted a new event? Salimah recaps the night.

Filmmaker's Showcase

Every year, the Neuqua Valley Media Department holds an event to celebrate the highlights of the Production classes. Hannah gives you the details. 

senior reflection night-salem.mp4

Senior Reflections

Did you know that Senior Reflection Night is back after a four year break? If you're looking to participate, there's an easy way to do so. Jasmine has the details.

Doulas- NV Pulse (Extra Credit).mp4

Abe Lincoln Extra Credit

Bored during spring break and have nothing to do? Now is the perfect time to complete the English Abe Lincoln Extra Credit! Stephanie has the details.

Rambissoon Ebook

eBook Checkout

Destiny Discover gives students the opportunity to read books anywhere. Missy shows you how to download and listen.

Robinson Refugee

Refugee Crisis Fundraiser

The Social Studies department is collecting money for the Red Cross to help the worldwide refugee crisis. Ashley has the info on how you can help.

Writers Week Pluse-

Writers Week

Writers Week is back after 3 years. Kaylea has the details. 

salimah standardized testing

Standardized Testing

Many Neuqua students will be taking the SAT or PSAT in the coming weeks. Salimah tells you how to prepare.

Hedy Lamarr -

Hedy Lamarr

This Women's History Month, Shandana tells you about Hedy Lamarr, a notable actress who has changed the world with her inventions. 


March Madness

As March rolls on, Neuqua students give their prediction for this years long awaited March Madness. Tyler gives you the latest!

Salimah Scott.mp4

Wildcat You Should Know- Salimah Scott

This year's Student Council elections are over. Hannah gives you the details about the 2023 President, Salimah Scott.

Pulse 2.25 OKeefe .mov

Neuqua Podcasts

Tired of listening to the same podcasts over and over again? Kendall explores how your very own Neuqua classmates are producing creative podcasts every week.

Salem-Pulse 1.24.mp4

Colors 4 Change

If you're looking for a way to give back to the community, Colors 4 Change helps you do that by simply donating your art supplies to children in need. Jasmine has the details.

Doulas- Toilety Drive.mp4

Toiletry Drive

If you have any extra toiletries you are not using, make sure to stop by the toiletry drive and donate to local communities in need. Stephanie has the details.

riya suryavanshi pulse 1_24.mp4

World Language Week

Neuqua is partiticpating in World Language this week, with a fun and different even the week of January 24th.  Riya provides you with some insight on this fun event.  

Martel - Most Looking Foward To Second

What Neuqua Students Are Excited For This Semester 

As second semester is quickly beginning, Allysa takes a look at what our students are most excited for with this fresh start. 

Media 1 Promo- Kaylea .mov

Media Elective

The season of course selection has arrived! Kaylea has an inside look at one of the electives to choose from. 

Course Selection

Course Selection

Freshman, sophomores, and juniors need to pay close attention to important deadlines as they pick their courses for next year. Amanda has the details.


HUDL Camera 

Miss a basketball game this year? With the new HUDL camera in the gym you'll never have to again. Charlie has the details

Constantine- Pulse

Intramural Basketball

Intramural Basketball is back at Neuqua. Tyler gives you the details.

Mr. NVHS Pulse .mov


An annual tradition is back at Neuqua. Salimah has the details.


Literary Magazine

The Literary Magazine is now open to submissions of all types of art and writing. Hannah has the details.

Charging Chromebook Lockers - Shandana

Chromebook Chargers

Students now have a new opportunity to charge their Chromebooks during the school day. Shandana has the details.

wildcat pride

Wildcat Wear

A great way to show school spirit is to purchase some wildcat wear. Riya shows you when and where you can find some.

Salem- 12-6 Pulse.mp4

Time Management

If you've been looking to find ways to make finals week a lot easier and more productive, there's multiple ways you can manage your time accordingly and make that happen! Jasmine has the details.

Doulas- Pulse Tipline FINAL.mp4

NV Tipline

Have you ever seen suspicious behavior and wondered who to contact? The Indian Prairie School District has created an easy way for you to report any suspicious behaviors. Stephanie has the details.

Allysa - Yearbook Senior Portraits

Yearbook Senior Portraits

The yearbook class has been working hard in getting all senior submissions into this years addition of the yearbook, Allysa looks into the important information and deadlines you should know.

Eldridge Thanksgiving Food

Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

With Thanksgiving break coming up, Amanda looks into the Wildcats' favorite Thanksgiving foods. 

Charity Badmiton-

Charity Badminton Tournament

This Thanksgiving 2 girls are sponsoring a badminton tournament with all entry proceeds going to charity. Kaylea has the story

lunch limitations

Lunch Limitations

Neuqua has implemented new lunch rules. Saif has the details.

Shandana Malik - Girls

Girl's Basketball

Shandana talks to @tia.poulakidas on Neuqua Valley's upcoming Girls Basketball season and this year's ambitions. 



Did you know that there's a new Boba spot in town? Salimah give you a look into the recently opened resturant.


Quarterfinal Football Game

The football team has a big game this Saturday against the Maine South Hawks at 5pm, make sure your there to support as the theme is gold out!

Pulse- Callie

Wildcat You Should Know- Callie Tuma

Neuqua has another sectional champion walking the halls: Callie Tuma. Hannah gives you the details on a Wildcat you should know. 

DeWees 11.1

TV Graphics

Every week the graphics on the TVs in the halls and in the commons change, but where do they come from? Matt DeWees has the story.

Doulas- NV Pulse Red Ribbons.mp4

Red Ribbon Week

One way Neuqua is celebrating Red Ribbon Week is by tying ribbons all over the school. Stephanie has the details.

Yearbook Pre-Orders

The yearbook staff has been working hard throughout this school year to construct a well-designed yearbook. In order to receive one, you need to pre-order it soon. Jasmine has the details.

Allysa Martel - Cheer Comp Season

Cheer Competition Season

As one season ends, another trails close behind for the cheer team. Allysa takes a look into the start of the competitive season. @neuquavalleycheer

Girls Basketball tryouts-

Girls Basketball Tryouts 

Winter sports are starting up again which means Girls Basketball Tryouts are right around the corner, Kaylea has the details. @NVHS_GirlsBball

Pulse German club

German Club

At Neuqua, there are many different and amazing clubs students have the privilege of being part of, German Club is one of them. 

Charlie Volleyball Pulse

Girls Volleyball Recap 

Neuqua's girls volleyball team played Waubonsie Valley in this edition of the War of 204. Charlie has the recap. @NV_Volleyball 

DVC Bowl

DVC Bowl 

Neuqua is hosting the DVC Bowl on Friday, October 22 versus Naperville North. Amanda has the details. @NVHS_Football

Constantine-NV Pulse

Football Recap 

The Neuqua Valley Football team looks to go 8-0 in the regular season finale vs Dekalb. Tyler has the story.

Baptista- DIGPINK! Match Recap.mp4

Dig Pink Recap

The Varsity Girls Volleyball team recently competed in their annual 'Dig Pink' match against Metea Valley. Emily gives you a recap of the exciting game.

NV Pulse Tennis

 Tennis Instagram

The Neuqua Tennis Team has a unique Instagram page. Hannah gives you the details on @nvhsgirlsvtennis

Saif Khan

Chess Club

The Neuqua Valley Chess club is ready to get back into action after a fully remote last season. Saif has the details.

Shandana Malik - Unified Soccer

Unified Soccer Regionals

NVHS Gold and Blue both won regionals at the Unity Cup and each took home gold! Shandana has more on what @neuquavalleyso has been up to.

salimah pulse

Online Ticket Sales

Fall sports are quickly coming to a close but a new ticket system is just getting started. Salimah has the details.

Singer Pulse 10/8

Peer Partners Go Fishing

Peer Partners Fishing is an incredible opportunity for students with and without disabilities to practice the skills and experiences fishing brings. Camryn highlights the information.

O'Keefe - 10.8

Powder Puff Recap

The Powder Puff game returned to the Neuqua football field this past Wednesday. Kendall recaps the event. 

10:8 Volleyball Pulse

Volleyball Recap vs DeKalb

On Tuesday, October 5th, girls volleyball swept the DeKalb Barbs and celebrated Senior Night. Brooke has the recap. 

10-8 pulse

A+ Award Winner

It's not everyday that a teacher from Neuqua wins the A+ Award. Gianna highlights Mrs. Kreutzer for winning this award in September. 


Producing Wildcat Weekly

Wildcat Weekly has been a fan favorite for students and staff members.  Most people don't know exactly how much work goes into producing the show. David has the details. 

NV Pulse 10/1 - Kendall O'Keefe

National Merit Commended Students

Many Neuqua Seniors have been studying hard over the past two years to take the SAT. Recently, numerous members of the class of 2022 have been recognized for their excellence within these tests, becoming National Merit Commended Students. Kendall as the information. 

ARC Pulse

Academic Resource Centers

Students are readjusting to the academic rigor of full in person classes. The Academic Resource Centers provide access to one on one help with teachers. Brooke has the information.


Becoming Willie

The role of a school mascot is an important job that helps boost student morale and builds hype at various sporting events. Here at Neuqua, Willie can be seen dancing at football games and sometimes walking around the school. The thing no one seems to ask is how exactly you become Willie. David has the details.

salem- pulse

Winter Accessory Drive

As the winter season approaches, the families in need in Illinois are coming short of necessities to get them through this season. You can help by donating your winter accessories. Jasmine has the details.

Doulas- NV


Neuqua is finding a way to give back to their own community, anybody can participate by creating bookmarks to hand out to the kids at elementary schools. Stephanie has the details.


Football Chant

After every win the offensive and defensive line have a tradition to celebrate all the hard work it took to get the win. Matthew DeWees had the story. 

Vaccine clinic Pulse.mp4

Vaccine Clinic

Neuqua Valley is hosting a vaccine clinic. Charlie has the details on how to get your Pfizer vaccine. 

5/7 NVPulse - End of the School Year Motivation

End of the School Year Motivation

With just under a month left, the school year is quickly coming to a close. Salimah asks Wildcats how they are staying motivated to finish the semester on a high note. 

My Video 19.mp4

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher appreciation week was this past week. Chris tells you why you should thank a teacher. 

Neuqua Summer Camps.mp4

Neuqua Summer Camps 

Registration for Neuqua's summer sports camps are open, Hannah has the info on how to sign up.

Grove New Windscreen Pulse.mp4

Neuqua Softball Field

The Neuqua Valley Varsity Softball Field is finally complete. April has the details.

The E-learning Experience- Emily Baptista.mp4

The E-learning Experience

E-learning is not as easy as it may seem. Emily speaks with students to understand the struggles of learning online.

Seher Faisal - Ms. Knuth's Peacock.mp4

Ms. Knuth's Peacock

One Neuqua teacher has a rather unusual pet. Seher has the story.

Robinson- 4.23 Senior Survey Pulse .mp4

Senior Survey

The Neuqua Valley student news site, The Echo, is giving seniors an opportunity to be featured in a print magazine at the end of the year. Ashley has the details. 

celebrate your senior Christopher Hall

Celebrate Your Senior

NVHS Boosters has a fun way to celebrate your senior. Chris has the story.


Junior SAT Day

With the junior's SAT day quickly approaching, Charlie tells you everything you need to know before the test. 

Girls Varsity Lacrosse Preview - Salimah Pulse

Girls Varsity Lacrosse

Girls lacrosse is back! Salimah tells you what you can expect from this years varsity team. 

prom ticket pulse .mp4

Prom Tickets

Prom tickets are going on sale next week. Hrishita shows you how to buy your tickets.

Ashby NV Pulse- Senior Spectacular.mp4

Senior Spectacular

The annual senior event is here! Jack has the information.


Freshman B Volleyball Recap

The Freshman B Girls Volleyball Team played Wheaton Warrenville South HS. Lauren has the recap.

Grove Pulse Media Program.mp4

Media Program 

This year is something students have never experienced before and classes like media have had to adapt. April gives you the details on how the media program looks this year.

Seher - Mr. NVHS Pulse


Applications for Mr. NVHS are being accepted. Seher tells you what it is and how to apply.

graduation/prom pulse - Lexi .mp4

Graduation and Prom Survey

Prom and graduation are both going to look a little different this year with the help of the seniors. Lexi gives you the details about the senior prom and graduation survey that seniors should complete.

Mrs Wilson

New Schedule Update

Neuqua Valley will have a slight schedule change starting March 23rd. Charlie has the details

Writers Week Christopher Hall

Writers' Week

Writers' Week is approaching. Chris has the story. 

JP Scoring Record- Jack Ashby.mp4

John Poulakidas Scoring Record

A record has been broken! Jack shares the details.

IPS Pulse- Hrishita B..mp4

Indian Prairie Scholars Induction

The Indian Prairie Scholars Induction is approaching. Hrishita gives the details on what that is and how to RSVP. 

Salimah 3/05 Pulse

Academic Address Senior Speech

Seniors can now apply to give the Academic Address at their commencement ceremonies. Salimah runs through the details of the application process. 

New Books Pulse Grove.mp4

New Books

Want to be able to get cozy with a brand new book? The Library Media Center just added some more novels to their selection. April has the details.


NV Pulse

Neuqua Medias department has been producing NV Pulse stories for over ten years. Seher tells you what they are.

Multicultural Show Pulse .mp4

Multicultural Show

The Multicultural Show is a little bit different this year because of COVID. Hrishita has the details. 

Christopher Hall Pulse

Student Parking

Neuqua Valley is allowing students to drive to school. Chris has the details. 

Booster Club Scholarship Application- Salimah 1/29 Pulse

Booster Club Scholarships

Applications for the Booster Club Scholarships are finally open. Salimah has the details. 

NV Pulse Self Certification.mp4

Self Certify

With second semester underway, hybrid learning is available to all students. Jack shows you how to keep you and your peers safe. 

Updated Record

Updated Record Board

The Girls Swim and Dive Team's record board has been updated. Lauren looks into these accomplishments. 

2nd Semester Pickup Grove.mp4

Semester 1 Materials Pickup

With 2nd semester starting soon, students must grab materials for their second semester classes. April has the details on the process.

Camryn- Pulse Semester 1 Dropoff.mp4

Semester 1 Material Drop-off

Second semester is quickly approaching. In order to be prepared, students need to drop off their semester 1 textbook and materials. Camryn has the story. 

Gianna NV Pulse: Elective Fair.mp4

Elective Fair

Although course selection can be overwhelming, the Elective Fair is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the classes offered at Neuqua. Gianna has the story.

Course Selection- Emily Baptista.mp4

Course Selection

The time to begin selecting courses for the 2021-22 school is coming up shortly. Emily has the details.

Seher Faisal - Variety

Variety Show

Some changes are being made to the Variety Show this year around. Seher has the details

NV Pop up Shop Pulse.mp4

Booster's Pop Up Shop

In order to raise money this year, the Wildcat Boosters have created a spirit wear pop up shop. Charlie looks into this event. 

Alliance for the Children Pulse

Alliance for the Children

Alliance for the Children started in 1988. Lauren tells you the history on this organization. 

Nv Pulse Christopher Hall

It's A Wonderful Life

NVHS Theater is doing a live radio production for their holiday play. Chris has the details. 

fafsa pulse.mp4


Recently, FAFSA has become a graduation requirement. Hrishita tells you more about what this means. 

(12/11) Pulse- BSA’s New Podcast

Black Student Alliance New Podcast

Neuqua Valley's Black Student Alliance is airing a new podcast this December. Salimah has the details. 

Singer NV Pulse 2.mp4

Wall of Honor

Neuqua has changed the Wall of Honor, representing past graduates who moved on to serve our country, now to a digital platform. Camryn has the story.

Ptaszek - National Signing Pulse.mp4

National Signing Day

National Signing Day is a great way to celebrate the success of student-athletes at Neuqua. Gianna has the story. 

Chris Baumgardner NV Pulse 1 (3).mp4

New Athletics Website

The Neuqua Athletics Department has created a new website with many aspects to keep the Neuqua community informed. Chris has the story.

Robinson NV Pulse.mp4

The Marching Wildcats

This fall, the Neuqua Valley Marching Wildcats kicked off their season under irregular circumstances with hopes to return to performing in March. Ashley has the story.

Jane Riehs Heisman Scholarship Pulse 11.18 -

Jane Riehs Wins Heisman High School Scholarship

Recently, one of Neuqua's very own received a prestigious award for her academic and athletic achievements. Dominick dives into the story.

National French Week 2- Emily Baptista.mp4

National French Week

French Honors Society have made drastic changes to this years National French week. Emily has the details.

Xavier VCR Pulse.mp4

Virtual Calming Room

Meeting with counselors through the pandemic can be tough however there is a solution. The virtual calming room.

Sam Drake - Parent Teacher Conferences

Scheduling Parent/Teacher Conferences

Scheduling a parent/teacher conference this year can be difficult with the addition of ParentVUE. Sam walks you through how to sign up. 

Seher Faisal - NV Pulse 11/11

Veteran's Day Assembly

This years Veteran's Day assembly will be streamed live online. Seher has the details. 

Odering Yearbooks Pulse - Lexi M..mp4

How to Order Yearbooks

Ordering yearbooks is a must-have for every school year. Lexi shows you exactly how you can order your 2020-2021 yearbook today!

Nv pulse.mp4 Christopher Hall Is that really scary play

"Is That Really Scary?" Children's Show

Pulse xc.mp4

Whitney Young Sectional Recap

After a long and tiring season, Neuqua's cross country team has one final race. Charlie gives you the details.

Jack Ashby- AP Testing.mp4

Registering for AP Testing

AP Testing signups are now available! Jack gives you the details.

Student Support Pulse .mp4

Student Support

As students become more stressed with remote learning there are many things they can do to stay organized. Hrishita looks into the details.

11/4 Pulse- Virtual Student Council Meetings

Virtual Student Council

Student Council is a club that organizes school events, gets students involved, and raises school sprirt. Salimah has the details on how representatives and executive board members are still getting those tasks done from their homes.

NV Pulse-New Media

New Media Website

A new media website was created for publication classes at Neuqua. Lauren shows you what you can expect. 


Math Assistance

Mu Alpha Theta is here to help students who may be struggling in Math. Connor provides you with all the information.

Grove NV Pulse Story.mp4

Halloween Decorations

As Halloween approaches, the Chicago Tribune posted a story on all of the lights around Naperville people have put up for this spooky season. April has the details.

Jim Reindl- Mock Election Pulse 1.mp4

Mock Election

Rho Kappa is hosting a mock election for Neuqua students. Jim has the details.

Pulse Story Hannah K.mp4

New Monday Schedule

As Neuqua starts planning for in school sessions, a new Monday schedule has been put into place to prepare students for this change. Hannah has the details. 

Echo - Pulse (Sam Appelbaum).mp4

The Echo

Some classes are having a hard time adjusting to the online process but the Echo has been ahead of the process. Sam has the detail.

Ashley Robinson- NV Pulse #1.mp4

Jewish Student Connections

With lots of activities on pause, a wide range of clubs are continuing to meet online for this school year. Ashley looks into a club you should join. 

Ptaszek - NV Pulse.mp4

Best Buddies

Best Buddies is a great opportunity for students to get to know peers that they might not have classes with at Neuqua. Gianna has more information. 

Singer- NV Pulse (Orchesis)

Orchesis Homecoming Video

With this upcoming season, Orchesis has begun and is going to look a little different, but as of now they have some exciticing news to share. Camryn has the details. 

Seher Faisal - NV Pulse 10/14

Seniors & College Applications

Seniors are working around the impacts of the pandemic to fill out their college applications by their deadlines. Seher has the details. 

Emily Baptista- NV Pulse 10/14

Girls XC Twilight Invite

With the date of the Dupage Valley Conference (DVC) approaching fast,  the Girls Cross Country team works hard in the meet before the conference. Emily has the details 

PLTW Teacher of the

Mr. Tegtmeyer Named PLTW Teacher of the Year 

Mr. Tegtmeyer, a PLTW teacher at Neuqua Valley, has been named the PLTW Engineering Teacher of the Year. Lexi looks into his achievement. 

Althletic Hall of Fame-1 .mov

Athletic Hall of Fame

Neuqua honors athletic achievements. Ashley has the details for the Athletic Hall of Fame Ceremony.