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Visit IPSD for details about district services for gifted and academically talented students.

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The mission of the gifted services is to address individual academic needs, to provide an environment that allows risk taking and personal growth, and to offer an enriched, accelerated, in-depth, and diverse curriculum.

Project Arrow PTA

The goals of the Indian Prairie Project Arrow PTA are to:

  • Work with the school district to provide the best educational experience for gifted and talented children and help them reach their full potential
  • Provide a local community support group for parents, guardians, families and educators of gifted and talented children
  • Inform legislators, school board members, educators, and the community about the unique challenges of giftedness and the importance of gifted programming
  • Be a resource of information on gifted services and community programs

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Project Arrow and Math Acceleration Testing Notification

Grades 2 through 5

District 204 offers a variety of academic programming to meet the needs of our students. Although assessment occurs throughout the school year for all students, some programs require additional information gathering in order to determine appropriate placement. The Identification Timeline, located on the District website is under the Instruction link. It provides general information regarding identification for Academically Talented Project Arrow Gifted Program and the Accelerated Mathematics Program. Letters with specific testing details will be sent from schools to parents of students for whom further evaluation is recommended. Additional information about either of these programs can be found on the District website or by contacting your child’s classroom teacher or school’s Student Services Coordinator.