The goal of formative assessment is to monitor student learning to provide ongoing feedback that can be used by instructors to improve their teaching and by students to improve their learning.

The goal of summative assessment is to evaluate student learning at the end of an instructional unit by comparing it against some standard or benchmark.


The easiest way to engage your students with videos. Pick a video, add your magical touch and track your students' understanding

Edpuzzle App | Edpuzzle Extension | EDpuzzle Website


Kahoot! is a free game-based learning platform that makes it fun to learn – any subject, in any language, on any device, for all ages!


Recap allows classrooms to post question prompts for students. The students respond with brief video / audio using the camera and microphone on a device.

Quizlet Live

Start with a Quizlet study set and create an in-class, team-based learning game. Students work together to correctly match a Quizlet set's terms, concepts, quotations, or definitions.

Google Forms

You can create a quiz with correct and incorrect answers for questions with multiple choices, checkboxes, or drop-down options

Mastery Manager

Formative and Summative Assessments online. Access to a secure browser available on Chromebooks to administer online tests.