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Remote Learning:

We may not be visiting our LMC in person right now, but that doesn't mean we can't find ways to connect with each other!

Please check out all of the fun activities here. Whether you are wanting to take a virtual field trip, cozy up with a good story, or create something unique... this is the space for you.

I really miss seeing you all and can't wait until we can read and learn together again soon.

Click here to listen to some favorite authors and TEACHERS reading aloud!

Pack your bags and let's journey together!

Here are some fun ways to express yourself and let your creativity shine!

Start by reading the ebook about poems and then take a look at some neat poetry building tools on our Schoolbag.

Click here to start!

Dig deeper into some topics that interest you with Scholastic's Learn at Home!

Activate your brain to solve these puzzles or compete in these fun games!

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