ICT Advisory

1. Strategic IT and Governance Consulting

1.1 Standard Rate R1150 per hour

1.2 Project / Service Agreements R 980 per hour

Business Software Support

1.1 Standard Rate R980 per hour

1.2 Projects / Service Agreements R 850 per hour

Other fees and disclosures

3. Travel

3.1 A minimum out of R150 or R3.61 per km whichever the greater.

4. Telephone Consultations for new clients

4.1 Complete consultation booking form with a brief description of the assistance you require, accept our terms and conditions and an appropriate consultant will be appointed to attend to your inquiry.

***All fees exclude VAT ( MARCH 2019 )

Fee Disclosure

WorkPool upgrades do not include training on WorkPool so please refer to the relevant release notes for a record of all changes and information about releases. Click here to see what is included/excluded in the WorkPool subscription and here to see how costs are determined.

Own managed server installations, re-installations and server moves are billable.

Server upgrade, reinstallation as well as a service initiation fees may apply for any customers who fall behind on payment, maintaining their servers or where environmental changes require us to perform an audit of the environment and their software.

Additional time and effort will be required for customers with bespoke code, special reports or integration with other systems. This is excluded and will be quoted and billed for, payable in advance as per our policy.